13th Sep 2021

The Three Pillars of AccessPay – What makes us different?

In a sector growing as rapidly as FinTech, businesses make or break based on their USPs.

Often, the factors that make a service unique are unclear, ill-communicated, or non-existent.

When it comes to banking, this simply doesn’t cut it.

Payment automation and cash management solutions carry implications for your finances, security and workload.

If you’re to trust a firm with streamlining your banking process, you need to know that they’re the right fit for you and your team.


The Three Pillars of AccessPay

Here at AccessPay, there are three pillars which capture the essence of our service: Technology, Time-to-Live, and Service.

In each of these areas, AccessPay offer a unique service that sets us apart.

Let’s break them down.


1.Market Leading Technology Innovator

Since AccessPay’s inception in 2012, CEO Anish Kapoor and the Manchester firm have striven to constantly innovate, spearheading key technological advancements in both the FinTech and PayTech sectors.

In fact, before AccessPay, there were no cloud-based Bacs solutions.

The company’s timeline has been characterised by a series of ‘firsts’, such as becoming the first cloud-based FPS vendor in 2013 and the first provider to host and run Barclays services in 2015.

Six years later, we like to think we’re only just getting started.

By commodifying new technologies and making them widely available, AccessPay enables other businesses to innovate more quickly and compete more effectively.



Acting as the middle man between a business and their banks is a complicated procedure, spanning numerous departments and processes.

For many FinTech companies, determining a client’s needs and delivering the solution they require is a long-winded process.

However, AccessPay cut out the dawdle.

As one of our three pillars, we pledge to provide a live, working solution within 12 weeks. If this is isn’t the whole package, it will at the minimum be a first implementation.

This allows for payment automation and cash management services that’ll free up your team, improve your security, and streamline your workflow.


3.Class Leading Customer Service

Often, businesses that offer SaaS are focused solely on sales, neglecting service upon completion of a purchase. At AccessPay, however, we value the acronym in its entirety, providing world-class service at every stage.

For larger projects, AccessPay offers two implementation resources: a project manager and an implementation consultant.

The former engages with the given partner on a regular basis, communicating the team’s progress and ensuring that the client’s needs are met.

The implementation consultant on the other hand engages with the associated technical aspects in more depth, configuring the services and tethering your IT teams with your banks.

Not only this, but our customer service team are on hand ready to help any time you have a query either by phone or email.

AccessPay's five-star review rating on Feefo

The combination of these factors has netted AccessPay a flawless 5.0/5.0 rating on Feefo, the online business review platform. But don’t just take it from us – a recent customer review described their experience as a “first class service”.

“[The team were] knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us through the various payment options available to select the best option to suit our needs and tailored implementation plan accordingly”.