Sage Automated Bank Statement Feeds

Integrated, automated bank statement retrieval by AccessPay powers auto-reconciliation within the Sage platform, promoting accuracy and efficiency of your financial data and reducing manual intervention.

Get the most from your Sage platform

We help you fully leverage the Sage Platform by providing a powerful ERP-Bank integration, connecting you to all your banks, globally.

Achieve a fully automated end-to-end process of statement retrieval directly into the Sage platform.

Automated for efficiency & accuracy

Lighten the burden of manual bank statement retrieval for your Finance teams by fully automating – no more manual logins!

Increase your cash visibility

With richer, accurate financial data you achieve precise reporting to make well-informed, strategic decisions with your company’s cash.

De-risk your reconciliation process

Removing unnecessary manual reconciliation will mitigate the risk of fraud and human error.

A swifter financial close

A fast close gives companies better visibility of their cash position, which is key to strategic decision-making and strong financial management.

With up-to-date information, CFOs are better placed to act as strategic advisors to the business and inform decisions on capital expenditure and investment, while finance teams are empowered to manage cash more effectively across their business.

The more up-to-date the cash position data, the more dynamic and responsive the company can be regarding its strategic direction and operational efficiency.


Without AccessPay, we’d have to revert to old manual processes, and we wouldn’t have the oversight of our cash we enjoy now. The platform has transformed the way we work for the better.

How it works

AccessPay connects to your banks and accounts via the SWIFT bank network. It works by receiving daily MT messages (MT940) or CAMT.053 format statements from your connected bank accounts. This provides the rich bank statement data required for accurate auto-reconciliation.

AccessPay instantly transforms this bank data into the correct format, before it is automatically delivered to Sage via API.

How AccessPay compares to alternative solutions

AccessPay platform

  • Full bank coverage
  • Provides data-rich statement data
  • Updates daily
  • Official Sage integration
  • Automated risk-averse solution
  • No re-authentication required
  • ISO20022 compliant


  • Limited bank coverage
  • Limited data received
  • Requires re-authentication at regular intervals. Data feed stops if this isn’t done

Manual reconciliation

  • Requires access to online banking credentials
  • Risk-prone
  • Manual and time intensive

Automating bank feeds: speeding up reconciliation and improving control

Understanding a company’s cash position is critical to all strategic decisions and effective, ongoing financial management.

Find out how automated bank feeds speed up the reconciliation process and ensure a faster close.

Read the eBook

Bank Statements eBook

The benefits of the AccessPay platform

Designed for multi-banked organisations

Increase reconciliation match rates

Access to 16,000+ banks globally

Access to the SWIFT network to facilitate the delivery of bank statements via MT940 and MT942 messages

Optimise your Sage experience

If you’re a Sage user and you’re looking for a way to automate your bank feeds for full bank-reconciliation, AccessPay’s bank statement retrieval solution is for you.

Speak to one of our team today to find out how you can get the most from Sage; drive greater efficiency and reduce risk across your banking operations by integrating with AccessPay.

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