One platform to automate all business payments

Process accounts payables, receivables and payroll payments through a single corporate payments solution. AccessPay connects to all major Payroll, ERP and General Ledger applications to help your team spend less time on data collation and more time focusing on value-added tasks.

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Make Payments

Send secure payments via any number of payment schemes or host-to-host banking connections; including BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments, Swift and SEPA.

Automate Collections

Connect your Direct Debit Management System to automate Direct Debit collections from your customer base via BACS and SEPA.

Improve payment controls

Guarantee standardised internal controls across all payment runs to reduce the risk of fraud and error by removing manual or disparate processes

Connect all your payment types in one place


One platform for domestic and international payments, collections and transfers. Whether you’re processing payroll, accounts payables or accounts receivables, your teams can automate and manage their payment files from one centralised location. Find more information on connectivity to specific payment rails by choosing from the options below. 

UK Domestic Payments

Cross-border Payments

Automated corporate payments: A better alternative to online banking portals

Making corporate payments via banking portals creates unnecessary risks for your organisation. Banking portals rely on manual input that is often prone to error and can create opportunities for fradulent activity. As the threat of fraud and error increases for corporates, auditors are more likely to flag risk-prone processes like the use of bank portals to manually download bank statements.

You wouldn’t share your your personal banking log in information with anyone else – so why should corporate banking be any different?

AccessPay automates the upload, transformation and submission of payment files securely. Our payments solution helps you manage payment runs efficiently whilst cutting out risky manual processes by standardising payment controls across your organisation.

Manual banking portal login

Scalable payments solutions

Benefit from a scalable pricing model which doesn’t penalise you for growth. We do not charge transaction fees, pricing is based on a flat annual subscription fee which doesn’t change over the duration of your contract and is only reviewed during your renewal. Giving you transparency and control which enables you to forecast expenditure far easier in comparison to other vendors.

One platform for all payment types, you no longer need multiple solutions to submit different payment runs. AccessPay enables you to consolidate access to domestic and cross-border payment rails, as well as your primary banking partners using our managed host-to-host connectivity service. You can even receive automated bank statement retrievals for end-to-end transaction management.

With the ability to process any type of payment and connect to any bank, finance and treasury teams benefit from a centralised, cost-effective and scalable solution to manage transactions.

ISO20022-ready file transformation engine

Most finance systems don’t talk to banks. This adds a layer of complexity to the payment process which forces many finance teams to manipulate payment files manually.

AccessPay removes this risk using an in-built file transformation engine which ensures any payment file received from your back-office is bank-ready, no matter which system its generated through.

As a futureproof solution, our technology is also prepared for industry changes to financial messaging standards, meaning you’re compliant with new messaging formats such as IS020022 xml from day one.

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Prevent fraud and error, take control

Banks have very specific requirements around the method of file transfer, encryption and digital signature. Which is why AccessPay provides bank-grade security tools as standard – giving ultimate peace of mind over your payment processes:

  • Encryption and data masking of all files submitted through AccessPay
  • Advanced auditing capabilities make it easy to comply with regulatory standards and internal governance
  • Enforce segregation of duties with approval workflows and user access controls
  • Sign submissions via a choice of HSM or smart card

Additional security tools are also available to help you manage payment controls to the highest security standard, including:

  • Detect; a rules-based AI tool automatically scans payment files to flag erroneous transactions to approved users
  • Sanction screening
  • Permit/Deny lists
  • Log in via SSO (single sign-on)
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

At AccessPay, we’ll never charge per transaction. Instead we offer a flexible annual subscription model which means you’re not penalised for growth.

Pricing is calculated based on 4 factors:

  • Transaction bandings
  • The number of banks you want to connect to
  • The payment schemes and messaging networks you want to connnect to
  • Number of users

Your subscription fee will not change over the duration of your contract unless you add new services on to your subscription. So if you exceed the number of transactions laid out in your contract, you will not be charged an additional fee. Instead, your usage will be reviewed during the renewal of your contract with your account manager.

How does AccessPay connect to my finance applications?

Connectivity to your back-office is achieved via a choice of SFTP or API connection.

The use of SFTP or API for data exchange are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to use the 2 forms of connectivity together in one instance if your circumstances require access to both options. For example, in scenarios where one system can generate files and transfer via SFTP whilst another might be more compatible with APIs.


External APISFTP
·        Based on creation of a direct interface between AccessPay and compatible back-office applications

·        Updates in near real-time  (based on API call limits)

·        Delivers both files and JSON Payloads

·        Able to deliver real-time submissions status updates to connected back-office applications

·        secure file transfer based on access to a specified server location

·        Updates periodically

·        Delivers files only

·        Not able to deliver status updates to back-office applications


Is AccessPay a cloud-based solution?

Yes, the AccessPay platform is 100% cloud based. In fact, we were born in the cloud, launching the 1st cloud-based Bacs Approved Software solution back in 2012.

This means you don’t need to install anything to use our software, which is accessible via any web browser.

Platform updates and bug fixes are completely free and take place outside of peak usage times.

How quickly can I get up & running?

Depending on the complexity of your connectivity requirements, average lead time is 4 -12 weeks. If your project requires multiple forms of connectivity we will work with you to scope out a phased project plan that meets your timescales and requirements. 

What payment file formats is AccessPay compatible with?

AccessPay  is compatible with any payment file format due to our in-built file transformation engine; which can process any common format like CSV, Standard18 & PAIN files alongside less common formats.

Which banks does AccessPay connect to if I want to make payments via Host-to-Host?

AccessPay can connect to any SWIFT member bank and supports direct connections to all tier 1 and 2 banks capable of supporting a host-to-host connectivity service. There are also no limits on the number of connections we can manage for you.

We currently support host-to-host connectivity projects with Barclays, HSBC, JPMorgan, Citi, RBS, Societe Generale, Lloyds, Standard Chartered and many more.

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