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Facilitating all domestic & global transactions: Send and collect your business payments effortlessly and securely, all in one platform.

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Efficient. Adaptable. Secure.

Automate all payments & collections

Whether you’re making UK-based or global payments, you can automate all payment types including BACS, CHAPs, Faster Payments, SWIFT and SEPA. This includes Direct Debit Collections.

Ready for ISO 20022

Stay ahead of financial messaging changes. Our technology is compliant with ISO 20022 standards, which will be mandatory from November 2024.

Advanced fraud and error controls

Benefit from advanced security features like Account Name Verification and approval workflows as standard, to mitigate the threat of fraud and error.

"AccessPay is really easy to use, and it’s really made a difference for us. We are definitely a more efficient team because of it."

Effortless domestic
& cross-border payments automation

Whether you’re processing payroll, accounts payables or accounts receivables, your teams can automate and manage their payment files from one centralised payments system. Find more information on connectivity to specific payment rails by choosing from the options below.

Hoes does AccessPay work?

Our direct bank connectivity solution enables straight-through processing of financial messages between banks and finance applications. Here’s how it works.


Automate your payment run

Automatically import payment files from connected finance applications via SFTP or API connection. Files can also be imported manually as a contingency.


Routing and file transformation

AccessPay instantly scans the payment file to recognise the purpose and configuration of your payment run to ensure the file is correctly formatted and passes through the correct submission workflows within AccessPay.


Validate your transactions

A modulus check is performed to alert you to errors with the sort codes and account numbers contained within your file. Giving you the opportunity to suppress problem transactions or files before you proceed with your submission.


Perform fraud & error checks

A series of configurable rules can be applied to scan your submissions for potentially erroneous transactions. Helping you identify and investigate potential duplicates, unrecognised creditors and exceeded transaction thresholds.


Approve your submission

AccessPay is configured to mirror your internal approval processes. Whether you carry out approvals within your finance application or AccessPay, dual approval is available.


Authenticate your payment file

The file is digitally signed via a choice of Hardware Security Module (HSM) or Smart Card.


Process your submission

The file is ready to be submitted and will be processed on the date assigned.

Receive reports

Automatically retrieve reports in to your back-office. See our FAQs for more information.

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Unrivalled connectivity

  • Connect to all major Payroll, ERP, and back-office systems for straight-through payment processing and consolidation of your entire financial ecosystem
  • Remove the risk of manual banking processes which have inadequate security measures for managing finances across multiple users
  • Turn payment files from every back-office platform into the right format to be read & processed by over 16,000 banks globally
  • Direct system-to-system communication via SWIFT, Host-to-Host or secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP ) for streamlined, reliable data exchange
  • API connectivity is also an option for businesses who need a more bespoke, and efficient integration with wider applications
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Geared up for ISO 20022

Our technology is prepared for industry changes to financial messaging standards, meaning you’re compliant with new messaging formats such as ISO 20022 xml from day one.

With more data and more uniformity, ISO 20022 is a series of welcome and timely improvements to how we send and receive payments, and businesses need to be compliant with the new messaging formats by November 2024.


  • How to adopt the new ISO 20022 global financial messaging standard before the 2024 transition deadline
  • How AccessPay’s platform is already configured for seamless ISO 20022 implementation with minimal effort
  • Practical tips and deep technical dives on mastering the ISO 20022 messaging mechanics and migration process

Visit ISO 20022 Resource Hub

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"We needed a simple gateway to the bank [..] I’ve done a lot of implementations to systems over the years and this was one of the best I’ve done [...] Within a couple of months of the testing plan, we were live."

Build a connected financial ecosystem

We integrate with all major ERPs and Banks.

Our platform seamlessly connects with all leading ERP systems. Don’t see yours listed? No problem.

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With 16,000+ bank connections, we integrate with all major banks including the below:

Enable frictionless domestic and global transactions with AccessPay’s Payment Automation.

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Beyond just automating payments

Faster and more secure than bank portals

  • Unparalleled control and visibility with one login and configurable access control across all your bank accounts
  • 30% less time spent on manually keying in transactions
  • Advanced auditing capabilities for greater transparency, supporting regulatory compliance and internal governance
Faster and more secure than bank portals illustration

Integrated, advanced fraud & error capabilities

  • Add an extra layer of security by utilising Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) by requiring additional verification beyond just a username and password, a crucial feature to mitigate cyber threats
  • Utilise HSM certificates; ensuring the secure management of sensitive information by verifying the identity of users, reducing risks like insider attacks, unauthorised key access and introducing robust key management processes aligned with regulatory compliance requirements
  • Automatically screen every payment before it’s submitted to flag potential threats and errors via Payment Screening
  • Detect any accounts linked to financial crime on the official Sanctions list with Sanctions Screening
  • Mitigate APP fraud by performing bank verification checks with Account Name Verification, ensuring all payments are sent to the correct account, and flagging if there is a mismatch
  • Enforce segregation of duties using approval workflows and user access controls
Integrated fraud & error capabilities illustration

Strategic financial insights

  • Comprehensive reporting on all transactions on a daily or intra-daily basis
  • Tailor reports with accurate financial information for the benefit of your C-Suite, helping you make better, more informed financial decisions
  • Ensure audit readiness so you can adhere to growing regulatory demands and compliance
Strategic financial insights illustration on mobile

"We’re looking to move all of our processes to cloud-based solutions by 2025; and AccessPay aligns with our company objectives, plus we don’t have to worry about future transaction fees, it scales with us."

Why AccessPay

Transparent pricing

Benefit from a fixed annual subscription model to avoid getting stung by hidden costs and support easier forecast expenditure.

Industry-leading service

We’re proud to offer rapid onboarding and unrivalled support from our UK-based Customer Success team. In fact, we have a customer satisfaction score of 100%.

Industry-leading service

We’re proud to offer rapid onboarding and unrivalled support from our UK-based Customer Success team. In fact, we have a customer satisfaction score of 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does pricing work?

At AccessPay, we’ll never charge per transaction. Instead we offer a flexible annual subscription model which means you’re not penalised for growth.

Pricing is calculated based on 4 factors:

  • Transaction bandings
  • The number of banks you want to connect to
  • The payment schemes and messaging networks you want to connnect to
  • Number of users

Your subscription fee will not change over the duration of your contract unless you add new services on to your subscription. So if you exceed the number of transactions laid out in your contract, you will not be charged an additional fee. Instead, your usage will be reviewed during the renewal of your contract with your account manager.

What are the benefits of Payments Automation with AccessPay?

  • Centralised platform: Manage all payment files from a centralised location, with connectivity to major ERP, payroll, and back-office systems for straight-through processing
  • Automate all payment types and collections: Automate various payment types like BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments, SWIFT, SEPA, and Direct Debit Collections, both domestic and cross-border transactions
  • Efficient and secure: Remove manual banking processes, saving time and enhancing security. AccessPay offers direct bank connectivity and secure data exchange protocols
  • Visibility and control: Unparalleled control and visibility with one login, configurable access control across bank accounts, and comprehensive reporting for better financial decision-making
  • ISO 20022 compliance: AccessPay’s technology is compliant with the ISO 20022 standards, which will be mandatory from November 2024, ensuring you stay ahead of financial messaging changes
  • Advanced fraud and error controls: Features like Account Name Verification, approval workflows, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Single Sign-On (SSO), Sanctions Screening, and Payment Screening help mitigate fraud and errors
  • Scalable pricing: Flexible and annual pricing options tailored to actual usage, with no sudden cost surges tied to transaction volumes, enabling growth
  • Expert support: Dedicated implementation consultants, customer success teams, and expertise from banking, FinTech, and payments backgrounds ensure smooth implementation and ongoing support

How does AccessPay connect to my finance applications?

Connectivity to your back-office is achieved via a choice of SFTP or API connection.

The use of SFTP or API for data exchange are not mutually exclusive. It is possible to use the 2 forms of connectivity together in one instance if your circumstances require access to both options.

For example, in scenarios where one system can generate files and transfer via SFTP whilst another might be more compatible with APIs.

External APISFTP
  • Based on creation of a direct interface between AccessPay and compatible back-office applications
  • Updates in near real-time  (based on API call limits)
  • Delivers both files and JSON Payloads
  • Able to deliver real-time submissions status updates to connected back-office applications
  • secure file transfer based on access to a specified server location
  • Updates periodically
  • Delivers files only
  • Not able to deliver status updates to back-office applications

Is AccessPay a cloud-based solution?

Yes, the AccessPay platform is 100% cloud based. In fact, we were born in the cloud, launching the 1st cloud-based BACS-Approved Software solution back in 2012.

This means you don’t need to install anything to use our software, which is accessible via any web browser.

Platform updates and bug fixes are completely free and take place outside of peak usage times.

How quickly can I get up and running?

Depending on the complexity of your connectivity requirements, average lead time is 4 -12 weeks. If your project requires multiple forms of connectivity, we will work with you to scope out a phased project plan that meets your timescales and requirements.

What payment file formats is AccessPay compatible with?

AccessPay is compatible with any payment file format due to our in-built file transformation engine; which can process any common format like CSV, Standard18 & PAIN files alongside less common formats.

Which banks does AccessPay connect to if I want to make payments via Host-to-Host?

AccessPay can connect to any SWIFT member bank and supports direct connections to all tier 1 and 2 banks capable of supporting a host-to-host connectivity service. There are also no limits on the number of connections we can manage for you.

We currently support host-to-host connectivity projects with Barclays, HSBC, JPMorgan, Citi, RBS, Societe Generale, Lloyds, Standard Chartered and many more.

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