The go-to bank integration platform for Corporates & Financial Institutions

Seamlessly connect your back-office systems with your banks for frictionless finance operations, with full automation of payments, collections and bank statement retrieval. Mitigate risk and enhance your fraud prevention strategies with built-in fraud & error prevention capabilities.

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The AccessPay platform.

Connect, automate and secure your full financial ecosystem.

Bank Connectivity

Bank connectivity with AccessPay streamlines financial operations for faster, more accurate payment processing and enhanced cash visibility, all via automation.

To achieve this, you first need to establish a direct connection between your back-office applications and your banks. We can connect you via:

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Payments Automation

With payments automation, you’ll no longer need to manually login to bank portals to make payments.

Increase efficiency, reduce the risk of manual error and internal fraud by removing unnecessary human intervention.

Centralise and automate all payment types, domestic and global, securely and effortlessly in one place.

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Cloud-based BACS-approved software

As the UK’s first cloud-native BACS-approved software, the AccessPay platform centralises and secures your BACS submissions.

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Automated Bank Feeds

Automated bank statement retrieval transforms financial data management by eliminating the labour-intensive process of manually retrieving, formatting, and uploading bank statements.

The results: greater efficiency, security, and true cash visibility. Finance teams can easily access transaction data from multiple bank accounts for a more streamlined reconciliation process.

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Fraud & Error Prevention

Extend your security capabilities with additional fraud & error prevention features.

Our suite of risk mitigation solutions is designed to help corporates and financial services firms implement payment controls, support compliance initiatives, and prevent fraud.

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Seamlessly transition to ISO 20022

ISO 20022 is fundamentally changing how financial data is exchanged between corporations, financial institutions and banks, with new data formats and more detailed payment information required.

Data-rich ISO 20022 messages will enable better reconciliation, reporting and mitigate the risk of fraudulent payments slipping through the cracks. We support our customers in this unprecedented transition.

  • New LEI & POP codes
  • Structured Address & Structured Remittance
  • ISO 20022 transformation service

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