Why AccessPay?

Achieving better bank connectivity is difficult. Working with the experts makes it easy. 

We specialise in corporate-to-bank connectivity, so you don’t have to

Imagine a world in which corporate banking is just easy? Where all your banks and finance applications work together seamlessly through one, shared ecosystem. We are AccessPay, and we help make that happen.

AccessPay breaks down siloes across finance and treasury, helping organisations like yours solve key challenges around reducing risk and scaling corporate banking operations effectively. We’re a team of specialists doing this every day. Our people use their backgrounds in banking, finance and FinTech to  design and build game-changing solutions for our clients; creating an embedded experience between businesses and banks that works for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Bespoke solution design & build

Ongoing management and maintenance 

Unrivalled industry expertise 

First class service and support 

Work with a trusted 3rd party

Corporate banking is complex. Most finance applications don’t talk to banks. The standardisation of financial messages remains in its infancy, and there are endless variances of payment file formats.

All this complexity means that building and maintaining secure connections to banks and payment schemes in-house isn’t easy. Juggling different systems, banking relationships and payment types is hard – especially at scale. AccessPay exists to remove these complexities by providing access to bank connectivity solutions that are secure, reliable and scalable. In other words, we build and maintain corporate bank connections, so you don’t have to.

Minimise project costs 

Building and maintaining bank connectivity in-house is expensive, resource intensive and diverts key internal resources away from focusing on their day job. Unless you have the required budget and resource to employ a bank connectivity team internally, it’s likely that you will incur unnecessary costs that make the project unprofitable – not just to build a solution, but to manage ongoing maintenance.

Utilising third party expertise like AccessPay requires minimal project overhead in comparison to building your connection in-house and guarantees connectivity at a fraction of the cost.

Increase speed-to-value 

It takes time to assemble internal project teams, co-ordinate with the banks and implement all the necessary changes. On average, this takes 18 months when managed in-house.

Using AccessPay, you can get up and running in as little as 12 weeks – thanks to our existing technology, in-house knowledge and banking relationships. 

Leverage existing technology  

Banks have very specific requirements around the method of file transfer, encryption and digital signature. Additionally, each bank will have their own permitted formats and message types.

By leveraging existing FinTech like AccessPay, you can greatly reduce internal technical burden by using existing technology that already meets the security and formatting requirements defined by your banking partners.

Industry knowledge and expertise 

Understanding financial messaging standards, file formatting and the bank’s security requirements is complex. If you do not have the appropriate level of industry knowledge available internally, you risk significant delays and challenges to implementing and managing bank connectivity in-house. 

AccessPay  absorbs these complexities and gives you access to a responsive team of experts who work on projects like yours every day. 

It’s also likely that we’ve worked with your banks many times before – drawing on our existing connections to ensure that your project is implemented within your desired timescales.  


Unrivalled service and support

From design to implementation, to customer success and beyond; AccessPay is a trusted partner to thousands of businesses undergoing finance transformation. 

We remove the complexity of change, delivering corporate banking projects with rapid time-to-value using a proven framework. That’s exactly why our clients give us a 5-star satisfaction rating and why 97% of our clients stay with us.

Before you’re onboarded, our team will work closely with you to identify your biggest goals and challenges before designing a tailored solution that meets your needs. 

Throughout the implementation process we do the heavy lifting for you. Your project manager will keep in regular contact, ensuring your project is delivered on time. Whilst your implementation consultant takes care of the technical aspects with your banking partners. 

As a dedicated partner, we will work with you continually to support any growth or change within your business, adapting to support your continued goals and objectives throughout your relationship with us. You will also be able to help guide our product roadmap – with access to our product portal you will be able to request new features, participate in customer feedback sessions and receive invites to beta test new products and services.  

Once your project is live, your customer success team will work with you to ensure your continued success, with frequent service reviews and extensive UK-based support. As your embedded corporate banking partner, we will work with you continually to support any growth or change within your business, adapting to support your continued goals and objectives throughout your relationship with us.

Working with AccessPay

1. Establishing the right connections

We start by mapping out your existing banking infrastructure to establish the best method for connecting your systems, banks and payment rails 

Learn more about connectivity >

2. Defining automation workflows

We’ll work with you to create a set of automated workflows that move your data from A to B in the right format. 

Learn more about automation >

3. Assessing security and risk management

Establishing appropriate auditability, access management, approval workflows and fraud prevention measures 

Learn more about security & control >

4. Aiding Reporting and visibility

We’ll assess your data and reporting requirements to help you access the relevant reports and transaction insights you need.  

Learn more about reporting >

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