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Imagine a world in which corporate banking is just easy? Where all your banks and finance applications work together seamlessly through one, shared ecosystem. We’re AccessPay, and we help make that happen.

AccessPay breaks down siloes across finance and treasury, helping organisations like yours solve key challenges around scaling corporate banking operations effectively. We’re a team of specialists doing this every day. With backgrounds in banking, finance and FinTech; we design and build game-changing solutions for our clients; creating an embedded experience between businesses and banks that works for today, tomorrow and beyond.

What Challenges Do We Solve?

Corporate banking is complex. Most finance applications don’t talk to banks. The standardisation of financial messages remains in its infancy, and there are endless variances of payment file formats.

All this complexity means that having the visibility to oversee transactions and processes at scale is even more difficult. Juggling different systems, banking relationships and payment types isn’t easy. Especially across borders, across teams and subsidiaries.

Managing Financial Risk and Compliance

Manual banking processes can increase exposure to risks like error, fraud and data breaches. Which can also lead to hindering audit and compliance initiatives.

Working Across Disparate Systems

Most finance applications produce different file formats, making both processing and unifying data for reporting difficult and time-intensive.

In-House Limitations

Sometimes businesses look to solve their banking challenges in-house. But DIY projects require significant investment and specialist expertise to build and maintain.

Lack of Visibility and Process Oversight

Without a single source of truth, it’s difficult to make decisions based on the cash available to your business and detect arising issues.

Diminishing Time & Morale

People are costly and over-qualified to spend time on automatable data entry work. We free teams up to focus time on value-added strategic tasks instead.

Introducing the Embedded Corporate Banking Framework

We take a consultative approach to every project we work on, using a proven framework which aligns our technology and our industry experience through 4 key pillars:


We map out your existing processes to create seamless connections between business-critical finance applications, payment rails and your corporate banking partners, so that you can: 

  • Process all domestic and international payment runs from one, central location – including SWIFT, SEPA, Bacs and Host-to-Host connections
  • Receive automated bank statement feeds and establish direct connections with your chosen partner bank
  • Connect to any core financial application you use to generate payment files or reconcile transactions and accounts
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Our technology is powered by a file agnostic transformation engine, which takes any payment file format and connects to any bank. Enabling interoperability of financial messages means your applications and banks can talk to one another without intervention.  

Customisable workflows are then tailored to automatically move your data from A to B via an API or sFTP connection. 

This creates efficient and secure processes that don’t require manual work, whilst helping you gear up for compliance with new financial messaging standards like ISO20022.

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Part of your project will focus on reducing exposure to payment fraud and cyber-crime using technology trusted by your banking partners. 

This will include looking into how payment controls can be standardised with automated workflows, role-based permissions and secure authentication procedures. As well as providing access to a range of tools to support ongoing compliance requirements, ensuring you’re always audit-ready.

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Across any finance transformation project, having detailed visibility across the full cash lifecycle is paramount to supporting proactive business decisions. We’ll assess your data and reporting requirements to help you access the transaction insights you need.

Whether that’s integrating bank feeds with your reconciliation systems, centralising global cash positions across different accounts and entities, or providing realtime alerts to rapidly detect balance warnings or problem payment runs.

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Backed By Industry Leading Service

From design to implementation, to customer success and beyond; AccessPay is a trusted partner to thousands of businesses undergoing finance transformation.

We remove the complexity of change, delivering corporate banking projects with rapid time-to-value using a proven framework. That’s exactly why our clients give us a 5 star satisfaction rating, its why 98% of our clients stay with us.

Before you’re onboarded, our team will work closely with you to identify your biggest goals and challenges before designing a tailored solution that meets your needs.

Throughout the implementation process we do the heavy lifting for you. Your project manager will keep in regular contact, ensuring your project is delivered on time. Whilst your implementation consultant takes care of the technical aspects with your banking partners.

Once your project is live, your customer success team will work with you to ensure your continued success, with frequent service reviews and extensive UK-based support. As your embedded corporate banking partner, we will work with you continually to support any growth or change within your business, adapting to support your continued goals and objectives throughout your relationship with us.

Find out more about Embedded Corporate Banking and see how AccessPay can help your business

AccessPay offers seamless, cloud-based payment process automation for corporates. For banking operations that are smart, simple, and secure – no matter the size – you’ve come to the right place.

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