Secure SWIFT L2BA Solution for Global Corporates​

Get fast, secure corporate access to SWIFT’s financial messaging network via our ISO2002-ready SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications (L2BA) Solution

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“The ability to scale connectivity to multiple banks, jurisdictions and payment methods through a single standard connectivity process was a real benefit to us.”

Christopher Davies, Treasury Reporting Manager at NSG

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ISO20022-ready file transformation engine

As the first and only vendor to offer SWIFT L2BA solutions in the UK, we have a close relationship with SWIFT so you don’t have to.

By partnering with AccessPay, you save thousands in audit costs thanks to SWIFT level security compliance and auditing capabilities embedded within our platform. What’s more, AccessPay completely automates the transformation of payment files generated from your back-office in to SWIFT’s new IS020022 xml format, so you’re compliant from day one.

Easy to scale, all your banking relationships in one place

With the ability to connect to 16,000+ banks, finance and treasury teams can manage the entire corporate banking estate from one place. There’s no need to hire extra resource.

Maximise your SWIFT connection by using our platform to process payments and reconcile your bank accounts. AccessPay uses SWIFT’s MT messages to receive real-time data from all your accounts and get it in to the right systems in minutes, no matter how many banks or countries you work across.

Say goodbye to online banking portals

Save hours of valuable time and resource spent on international payment runs.

Compared to manual payment runs completed via online banking, our Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications solution is far more secure, less error prone and more cost-effective, particularly for corporates dealing with high volumes of international payments and operating out of shared service centres.


“Our finance and treasury teams save 25 hours a week using AccessPay as a digital bank connection”

Karen Fagen, Head of Treasury Operations at ITV

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All payment types, multiple ways to connect

Process accounts payables, receivables and payroll payments through one platform. AccessPay connects to all major Payroll, ERP and General Ledger applications to help keep your team focused on value-added tasks.

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