Strategic Alliances

Banks, FI’s and Fintechs, work with AccessPay to create new services and to embed services in their customer systems, solving complex integration and automation challenges for their clients.

Strategic Alliances with AccessPay


We work with over 35 global Banks and financial institutions delivering services to thousands of Corporates and in more than 20 countries by providing them with the capabilities they need to be competitive in the digital payments age.

Our proven technologies support automation, transformation and provide access to an ever growing and maintained library of hundreds of international and domestic standards. This means connectivity is fast, and costs are kept low for your customers.

Choosing to work with AccessPay enhances your relationship with your clients. Whether you offer API’s or traditional Host to Host connectivity, our technology and know-how removes costly barriers to achieving and maintaining embedded payment connectivity. It opens the possibilities for new and expanded services and embeds these into your customer organisations.

We are revolutionising payment connectivity through Embedded Business Banking.

Customer Focus

Business customers are demanding seamless connectivity to their banks/FI’s. They want to do this fast, and they want to achieve greater control, automation, security and improved risk management. AccessPay’s solution addresses this reducing cost, time, effort and expertise needed to achieve this. Opening the possibilities for a wider range of customers whilst retaining and enhancing your existing customers.

Revenue Driven

If you are seeking to create new revenue streams or simply speed up time to revenue for existing solutions, or reduce costs of retaining customers or customer acquisition, then we can help.

Competitive Edge

You are ready to embrace and innovate. Enhance your service offerings and help you meet head on the ever-increasing competition for your customers business. AccessPay has helped to create new payment services, and enhance your ability to connect with your customers on a greater scale.

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