Payment Screening:
Your first line of defence for financial control and security

Payment Screening is your robust solution for enhancing financial security and compliance across your payment operations. Leverage smart rules to identify erroneous or fraudulent transactions – before they are processed.


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Full control over your payment processes

Real-time alerting

Instantaneously scan payment files and receive real-time alerts about any irregularities. No need to worry about delays in your payment runs.

Combat fraud

Payment Screening builds a continuous profile of what is classed as an ‘irregular’ transaction for your organisation. Approved users can update rules to adapt to changing risk factors in your business.

Scan all payment types

Whether domestic or cross-border payments, Payment Screening is compatible with all outgoing payment types. You can even specify rules for different currencies in international payment runs.

Review & suppress payments

Payment Screening is an alerting tool. It won’t suppress payments automatically. You still maintain control of your payments, as suppression is reviewed and managed by your authorised users.

Improve financial resilience with Payment Screening

There’s never a better time to enhance your financial security than before you become a victim of fraud or experience monetary loss through human error.

AccessPay Payment Screening acts as your vigilant financial guardian; an added layer of security that safeguards your payment processes.

Via rule-based screenings, flag unrecognised creditors, erroneous payments or suspicious transactions before they are processed, and save yourself the hassle of avoidable monetary loss.

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"As AccessPay aided our Operational Resilience assessment, this became one of the main drivers and why we went out to tender in the first place. We see AccessPay as a key partner to our overall Operational Resilience."

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The benefits of the AccessPay platform

Support regulatory compliance

Payment Screening helps you meet compliance objectives by identifying unusual transaction activity, safeguarding your payment operations and supporting audits.


Payment Screening uses a set of smart rules that alert you to suspicious payment activity like duplicate payees before transactions are sent, protecting you from monetary loss and reputational damage.

Reduce the costs associated with human error

Payment screening acts as your final line of defence, ensuring that potential errors don’t slip through the cracks. This helps you avoid the effort and cost of recouping incorrect payments.

How does AccessPay Payment Screening work?

Payment Screening analyses each transaction against a set of proven fraud indicators tailored to the specifications of your organisation.

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Payment Screening’s smart rules

Creditor unrecognised

Keep track of how many times a payment has been made to an individual creditor.

Total transaction count

Monitor the total number of transactions against specified thresholds.

Total transaction amount

Keep an eye on the total value of transactions, ensuring it stays within specified limits.

Amount threshold

Watch for single transactions that exceed certain thresholds.

Duplicate third party

Flag if the same creditor is paid more than once in the same file.

Duplicate amount third party

Identify if the same creditor is paid multiple times with the same amount within the same file.

How to identify suspicious transactions: Screen risk and fraud within your finance operations

Fraud and error cost organisations time and money and may even cause reputational damage. In fact, according to the National Crime Agency, fraud is estimated to cost UK organisations £190 Billion.

Find out how Payment Screening can help you combat fraud, head on.

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Part of our Fraud & Error Prevention Suite

Payment Screening is a feature of AccessPay’s comprehensive suite of capabilities designed to enhance your payment security.

Pair Payment Screening with Account Name Verification and Sanctions Screening for ultimate peace of mind. AccessPay also offers Audit Trails, Reports and Multi-Factor Authentication/Single-Sign On options.

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