Cash Management Solutions to Help Optimise Working Capital

Gain real-time visibility over your global cash position across different accounts, countries and entities. Centralise control of your global banking operations and benefit from cash analytics to optimise your working capital.

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Connect anything, integrate everything

Futureproof your onward reconciliation and cash management processes with a digital bank connection. Seamlessly link your corporate banking estate with any ERP, TMS or Financial Close tool to maximise your staff’s time and make accurate financial decisions.

Get total control over your cash position

Ditch the manual processes and spreadsheets, say goodbye to logging in to online banking portals.

AccessPay gives you accurate visibility of your cash position across multiple bank accounts, countries and currencies in real-time. Helping you keep control over your cash via:

  • Enforce system access and process controls to
  • Auditing is futureproofed with auto-logged tasks and simple transaction searches across your connected accounts
  • Sweep money from one account to another from one control panel

Connect all your payment types in one place

One platform for domestic and international payments, collections and transfers. Get visibility and control over your payment processes, as well as your payables and receivables from one centralised location.

AccessPay connects to:

  • SEPA
  • Bacs
  • Faster Payments
  • Host-to-Host (custom)

Make optimisations with real-time cash analytics

Spend less time collating and more time analysing, AccessPay does the legwork to enable your team to get back to doing what they do best.

Access your entire cash portfolio at the click of a button to stay one step ahead of expenditure, debt repayment and investment opportunities via:

  • Intra-day updates for real-time analysis
  • Oversight and control for rapid reaction to changes in FX, credit, interest rates
  • Utilise real-time cash visibility data to support activities like liquidity forecasting within your TMS

“Our finance and treasury teams save 25 hours a week using AccessPay as a digital bank connection”

Karen Fagen, Head of Treasury Operations at ITV

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Move data in minutes, not hours

Want access to the most timely, accurate transaction data? Why wait? Get statements into your back-office as quickly as you can receive them from the bank.

AccessPay enables straight-through processing of statements by automating the download and transformation of data in to whatever format you need via a secure sftp client. Cutting processing times from hours to minutes in comparison to more manual methods like online banking.

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How does it work?

Whether it’s end of day or intra-day statements over the SWIFT network, a direct connection to your bank, or even
through open banking, we offer a number of options when it comes to integrating with your corporate banking partners.


  • We’re able to instruct any bank to deliver MT940 (end of day) and MT942 (intra-day) statement messages
  • This method outputs a standardised bank statement format
  • Statements retrieved by AccessPay platform and ‘piped’ back into your TMS or ERP application via a secure sftp client.
  • Receipt of MT messages is chargeable by your bank

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Open Banking API

  • Self-service set-up takes just a few minutes
  • Outputs transaction and balance data
  • AccessPay file transformation engine available to automate file formatting for onward reconciliation
  •  Accesspay connects to the Open Banking API as a 3rd party

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