Manage Financial Compliance and Fraud Prevention

Gain assurance and support compliance initiatives with a suite of risk mitigation solutions designed for corporates and financial services firms.

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Prevent Monetary Loss by stopping fraudulent payments
Support regulatory compliance and audits 


Replace risky manual processes with secure payment controls


Stay one step ahead of the compliance curve


We support publicly listed companies preparing for the introduction of UK SOX in 2024.

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FCA/PRA Operational Resilience Audits

With a final deadline of 2025, we’re already aiding compliance for hundreds of UK-based firms.

Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

With DORA impacting EU-based firms in 2025, we are able to plug the vulnerability gap when it comes to financial fraud.


Simplify compliance with SWIFT’s CSP attestations through the provision of a secure, managed connection.

How can AccessPay help?

Detect suspicious transactions

Prevent monetary loss by stopping fraud and error dead in its tracks.

A rules-based engine scans every payment file submitted through AccessPay, which is compatible with all domestic and cross-border payment types.

Potential threats and errors are flagged as soon as a payment file enters AccessPay to enable proactive investigation and suppress problem transactions from payment runs before they are routed.

Sanctions Screening

Sanction screening mitigates the risk of fraud and bolsters internal AML measures by detecting accounts linked to financial crime. We’ve partnered with Comply Advantage to enable the screening of beneficiary details against sanction lists directly within AccessPay.

Confirmation of Payee

AccessPay supports Confirmation of Payee (CoP) checks if your organization is required to perform name checks against beneficiaries to ensure payments are sent to the correct account. Helping you reduce Authorized Push Payment fraud and the risk of payments being sent to the wrong account due to human error.

Preparing for internal and external audits

Organizations using AccessPay are always audit-ready.

We significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare for internal and external audits by providing full audit-logs of every transaction across your banking estate.

From full paper trails of every payment submitted, to a searchable transaction database of every bank account connected to AccessPay – which can easily be exported in preparation for your next audit.


If you are making payments via SWIFT, you’ll be required to attest against several mandatory and advisory controls within the SWIFT Customer Security Program.

Utilizing our SWIFT L2BA connection means we can support you in achieving compliance against most of these attestations.

Adhering to SWIFT’s CSP is also a joint responsibility. As the UK’s first approved SWIFT L2BA provider, we’re regularly audited for all service-related controls – meaning our customers gain peace of mind by utilizing a managed connection and can save significantly on audit costs.

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We see AccessPay as a key partner to our overall Operational Resilience. It enables us to absorb a variety of their old processes and reflect their control environments. Unlike other providers, AccessPay’s single system makes controls even easier.

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Which payment file formats is AccessPay compatible with?

AccessPay  is compatible with any payment file format due to our in-built file transformation engine; which can process any common format like CSV, Standard18 & PAIN files alongside less common formats.

Which banks does AccessPay connect to?

AccessPay can connect to any SWIFT member bank and supports direct connections to all tier 1 and 2 banks capable of supporting a host-to-host connectivity service.

We currently support host-to-host connectivity projects with Barclays, HSBC, JPMorgan, Citi, RBS, Societe Generale, Lloyds, Standard Chartered and many more.

What are the costs involved?

AccessPay doesn’t charge transaction fees. Instead, we operate on a flat, annual subscription model, plus a one-time professional services fee of 25% to cover initial set up costs.

Your bank will also charge separate fees for initial set up and maintenance on their end. 

What payment controls does AccessPay support?

  • Automatic upload and transformation of payment files
  • Automatic validation and authentication of payment files
  • Customisable approval workflows and strict user access management controls
  • Automatic file encryption and data masking
  • Real-time visibility over payment file statuses alerts specified users to files that require attention
  • Fraud and error detection
  • Sanction Screening
  • Confirmation of Payee checks
  • Automatic audit trails

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How many banks can Accesspay connect to in one instance?

There isn’t a limit on the number of connections we can manage for you.

If you require multiple bank connections, we will work with you to scope out a phased project plan that meets your timescales and requirements. 

How does AccessPay connect to my back-office applications?

AccessPay can connect to all of the finance applications you use to generate payment files or input transaction data in to via a choice of sFTP or API.

Access to our API documentation is available on request.

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