Bank Integration as a Service

Replace the use of manual banking processes to reduce the risk of fraud and error, gain better cash visibility & streamline your finance operations.

Why AccessPay?

Why Do Finance Teams Use AccessPay?


require tighter financial controls to mitigate risk.

We consolidate your banking operations to help you standardize payment controls and receive data back from your banks securely.


are looking to improve operational efficiency.

Remove the complexity of managing different payment types and accurately moving financial messages from A to B.


still use banking portals to upload payments and retrieve statement data.

Remove manual touchpoints to reduce exposure to fraud and error risks and create more controlled banking processes.


lack visibility across different banks, regions and entities.

Enhance decision-making by automating bank statement retrievals to access live balances, payables, and receivables data within your core finance applications.

Who is AccessPay for?

Is AccessPay Right For You?


AccessPay is right for you if you are:

Digital Transformation and ERP upgrades


Finance Transformation

Modernising your finance function


Remove Manual Banking Processes

Restructuring or growing your business


Global Banking Operations

Focusing on security and compliance


Operational Resilience


How AccessPay Works


AccessPay builds corporate-to-bank connectivity solutions for multi-banked organizations. We help you reduce fraud and error risks by removing manual touchpoints from the movement of financial messages. Using a combination of innovative technology and industry expertise, we guarantee accurate data transfer between finance applications and banks.

An automated financial messaging transformation engine powers everything we do; making outgoing payment files bank-ready and incoming bank statements compatible with your finance applications.


Bank Integration as a service: What are the benefits?


Enabling 2-way connectivity results in secure processes and an efficient, cost-effective finance function through:

Consolidating access to banks and payment rails.

Standardizing payment controls across any payment run – no matter the team, location or entity.

Supporting accurate reconciliation and reporting by delivering real-time bank statement data to your back-office.

Explore Our Solutions

Managed Bank Connectivity

We build and maintain direct connections to your primary banks on your behalf using our managed host-to-host service.

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A Single Payments Platform

Connect all banks and payment rails in one place to standardise controls and reduce costs.

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 Bank Statement Retrievals

Collect statement data from your banking partners in real-time to support accurate financial reporting.

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