25th Oct 2021

AccessPay win big with FinTech 50 recognition

AccessPay have been recognised for their trailblazing innovations in the UK FinTech scene, placing 18th in Businesscloud’s first annual FinTech 50 ranking.

The list, which was determined through a combination of reader vote and an independent judging panel, strives to celebrate start-ups, scale-ups, and more established firms that are carving a unique identity in the UK’s finance and payments landscape.

The final results were whittled down from a staggering 176 firms, all of which had been acknowledged as pioneers in their respective FinTech corners.

This places AccessPay as within roughly the top 10% of UK FinTech companies, sitting in great company with the likes of Wealth Wizards and Snoop.


The UK FinTech scene is thriving, and AccessPay’s Payment Automation and Cash Management solutions are positioned firmly at its centre.

More About the FinTech 50

As mentioned, this marked Businesscloud’s first FinTech-based instalment in their annual ‘50’ rankings, which also span HealthTech, SportTech, and MedTech to name a few.

Around 2,300 reader votes were counted, and the judging panel was comprised of:

  • Victoria Roberts, Director of Fintech Delivery Panel and Insurtech Board, Tech Nation
  • Gavin Brown, Senior Lecturer in Financial Technology, University of Liverpool
  • Dawn Dunn, Cluster Manager for FinTech/data, Dynamo
  • Julian Wells, Director, Whitecap Consulting
  • Jonathan Symcox, Editor, BusinessCloud

Commenting on the FinTech 50, BusinessCloud editor Jonathan Symcox said: “Our first FinTech 50 features an array of UK businesses creating solutions to disrupt payments and the financial industry.

“The FinTech 50 celebrates technology innovators of all sizes, alongside our inaugural InsurTech 50 and RegTech 50 rankings. It is an honour to shine a light on so many businesses blazing a trail in banking, payments, insurance and regulation.”

Fellow judge Victoria Roberts, director of Fintech Delivery Panel and Insurtech Board at Tech Nation, said: “The strength of innovation within UK FinTech is always a true inspiration, and there’s so many fantastic UK companies leading the way internationally in banking, payments, InsurTech and RegTech.

“By addressing consumer challenges and enhancing business productivity, FinTech is designing the future of personal finances and driving growth in the economy.”


What Do AccessPay Do?

Historically, AccessPay have been well known for pioneering the first ever cloud-based Bacs solution back in 2012.

In essence, this means that your business can manage payroll, supplier payments and collections from a single, file-agnostic platform that securely automates the upload, transformation and submission of payment files. Not only does this vastly streamline your workflow, but it also offers greatly increased security and allows you and your team to focus on what really matters, returning your attention to mission-critical, value-added tasks.

But of course, the team here at AccessPay are continuing to innovate beyond our Bacs service, having been referred to as the “next generation of banking” – a bold claim with several contributing factors.

We recently wrote about how we’ve continued to move Beyond Bacs, presenting a nuanced Cash Management solution, the ability to offer SWIFT gpi (which we helped to create), and three unique pillars that separate us from other businesses in the UK FinTech scene.

In other words, with us you can connect anything and integrate everything.


Think of AccessPay as a middleman between your ERP system(s) and your banks, removing the need for banking portals and manual payments.


More recently, AccessPay have also ventured into the realm of virtual events, having hosted the first in a series of Platform Showcases to help further explain the common pain points faced by finance and treasury teams and how our solution mitigates these issues with payment automation and cash management offerings.

“The team here at AccessPay is expanding rapidly”, Head of Marketing Jonathan Broadley notes, “and with that wealth of new talent comes both increased ambition and productivity.

“We’re keen to convey how AccessPay has gone beyond Bacs, offering more nuanced banking operations solutions such as payment automation and sophisticated cash management.

“This now includes online events, as we continue to spread our message and help our service reach as many of those who need it as possible”.


Innovation is Both Internal and External…

While being recognised by the FinTech 50 most apparently denotes technological innovations and advancements made by UK FinTechs, the team here at AccessPay are believers in internal innovation, too.

For example, we’ve been named Culture Champions by Haystack, who compiled a list of 100 top-rated tech companies complete with curated insights and data on why each business is a great place to work.

They note: “AccessPay are in the process of transitioning from a startup to an established company, but there is still a family atmosphere where everyone knows each other. Everyone here is friendly and works as one team.

“There is rapid growth so there are many challenges to keep pace, however there is a solid ‘one team’ mentality here. From the technical side there is a clear plan of progression using some of the latest technologies.”

Our working culture includes perks such as a free gym membership or subscription to Headspace, activity and volunteering days, and dedicated mental health first aiders.

We’ll see you in next year’s FinTech 50 list!