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Standardise your banking operations to improve process controls, protect your financial data and ensure ongoing compliance

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Without AccessPay, we’d have to revert to old manual processes, and we wouldn’t have the oversight of our cash we enjoy now. The platform has transformed the way we work for the better.

Warren Hyde, Treasury Operations Manager, Sainsburys Bank

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Ensure You’re Always Audit Ready

Having accurate financial data and appropriate controls in place to safeguard financial data is a common form of compliance, particularly for corporates undergoing sox and financial statement audits.

AccessPay provides a range of audit tools across its payments and cash management solutions to support audit and compliance requirements.

These include searchable transaction databases, activity logs and a range of automated reports which can support your next audit.

Reduce Process Oversight With Extensive Payment Controls 

We offer a range of tools dedicated to helping you implement standardised payment processes across your organisation.

Customisable approval workflows, role-based permissions and secure login protocols help establish clear segregation of duties.

A range of tools are also available to protect your transaction data and identify potential issues with your payment runs before submission.

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Automate Data Flows to Reduce Risk

Removing manual tasks from your payments and reconciliation processes is one of the biggest changes you can make to ensure your transaction data remains both accurate and secure.

Reducing reliance on online banking portals by securely automating simple data entry and formatting tasks means exposure to risks like fraud, data breaches and errors are significantly reduced.

Work With A Trusted Vendor

AccessPay is a true cloud organisation which leverages the power of the internet to ensure resiliency in our business processes. Critical infrastructure is housed in data centers with managed services to ensure maximum availability. 

We employ dedicated Information Security Operations and compliance teams to ensure we operate in line with industry standards and regulations, including: 

  • Bacs Approved Vendor Status 
  • SWIFT compatible application status and compliance with the SWIFT Customer Security Programme  
  • FCA Compliance 
  • ISO27002, BSI certification and compliance with data privacy regulations ensure accepted vendor status to manage host-to-host connections with top-tier banks 

For more information on AccessPay’s security and compliance please get in touch.

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