Automate Your Banking Processes

Secure financial messaging and file transformation

With AccessPay we only need one way of working. We’ve got UK Bacs and have also become more efficient with our foreign payments.

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How Can AccessPay’s Automation Tools Help You?


Enhance Your ERP Migration

ERPs don’t talk to banks, and don’t always produce the file output you need. AccessPay is the middle layer that makes payment files bank ready, and bank statements consumable by your new ERP.


Stop Manual Processes

Manually editing and uploading transaction files to banking portals leaves you susceptible to fraud, error, and breaches. AccessPay provides the most secure method of transferring data to and from your banks.

Make Statement Data Compatible

Some banks do not output statements in a format you can use easily. We this by using automation rules that ensure you always receive bank statement data, from any bank, in the format you need.

Intuitive File Transformation Engine

Automatic file transformation removes manual input from your banking processes to create a more secure method of data transfer between back-office finance applications and your banks.

AccessPay offers a file agnostic solution which can be used to send data to and from your banking partners.  Transforming any type of payment file into a bank-ready format, before taking transaction data from your banks and transforming in to a format which is consumable by your ERP, TMS or reconciliation tool.

Standardise Financial Messages

With adoption of the new ISO 20022 financial messaging standard, using AccessPay means that you don’t have to make any changes to data outputted by your finance applications to comply with the new format.

AccessPay takes the output files in their current format and automatically transforms your financial messages to the new xml format on your behalf, making the transition to ISO 20022 painless for corporates. 

Route Payment Files

AccessPay’s file routing capabilities eliminate the need to access different banking portals and processing gateways.

Routing transaction data to the correct payment rail, bank or finance application and providing a centralised process for transferring all transaction data; from payments, collections and bank statement retrievals.

Validate Submissions

AccessPay takes business logic, based on gateway and file mapping to validate that data is present, correct and in the right format using services such as IBAN validation and modulus checking, before routing to the correct destination.

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