Secure Your Banking Operations with Advanced Payment Controls

Extensive payment controls combine real-time monitoring of payment runs, blocking suspicious transactions and an extensive suite of security tools to give you peace of mind over your payment processes

Create Powerful Automation Workflows

Automated workflows move payment files between back-office applications, banks and payment rails to remove manual tasks from your payment processes and reduce exposure to risks like error and fraud.

Approval workflows can also be set up within AccessPay to support internal segregation of duties and standardization of payment run procedures.

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Detect Suspicious Transactions

We offer a rules based fraud prevention tool which automatically detects suspicious transactions before they are submitted through AccessPay.

Using a combination of custom rules and a constantly-evolving set of proven fraud indicators, we’ll alert you to any irregularities in your submission using a simple traffic light system before prompting you to approve or reject your submission. 

Custom rules can be set up based upon 5 factors: 

  • Unrecognised creditors 
  • Duplicate payments 
  • Total transaction count 
  • Total transaction amount 
  • Amount thresholds
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Review Submission Statuses in Real-time

Visibility over payment file statuses plays a significant role in your payment controls, ensuring issues are investigated and resolved as quickly as possible.

Interactive dashboards alert specified users to payment runs that require immediate action. An in-flight tracker displays the status of your submissions and details which payments have been successful, rejected, failed, or cancelled. 

Those with audit or admin permissions also have access to an auditor view to enable transaction searches and tracking of file journeys.

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Built on Bank-grade Security

Benefit from in-built bank-grade security tools for ultimate peace of mind over your payment processes, including: 

  • Encryption and data masking of payment files secures sensitive financial data  
  • Access Controls helps define clear segregation of duties 
  • Multi-factor Authentication & Single Sing On options are available and can be integrated with your existing authentication set-up.

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