Payment & Collections automation for Financial Services.

AccessPay’s bank integration solution unlocks scalable revenue & gross margin growth for Financial Services providers by making money movements more automated, efficient & cost-effective.

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With AccessPay, Financial Services businesses move monies without manual interference across their complete financial estate: lowering costs, increasing gross margins, and ensuring you can deliver on your value proposition.


Connect your financial technologies and remove friction at every step of the process.

Whether increasing Direct Debit collection rates or automating payouts – we deliver integration solutions that help you execute faster.

at scale

AccessPay’s solution scales with your business.

Compatible with any global bank, any payment rail, and any financial application, we power your growth internationally – wherever your business takes you, we are there with you.

Drive your business forward with efficient and secure finance & treasury operations 

revenue growth

Lower the costs associated with payments & collections by leveraging automation.

AccessPay helps businesses unlock hidden efficiencies and take full control of their payment operations.

Our commercial offerings are designed to lower transaction costs and help you increase your margins.

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Power your financial transformation

Unify your financial operations in one cloud-based, global & secure solution, compatible with any bank, ERP or payment rail.

AccessPay offers flexible connectivity options for your unique financial tech ecosystem, removing friction from your processes – for automated straight-through processing and faster time-to-value.

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Safeguard against
fraud & error

Mitigate or eliminate financial risk by introducing automation and embedded payment controls.

AccessPay safeguards your business by ensuring that transactions are sent to the correct beneficiary, and suspicious transactions are flagged before approval.

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Your custom payment & collection software

Every financial operation looks different, and all our customers come to us with unique challenges. Our in-depth knowledge of the subtleties of the financial, technical & regulatory ecosystem allows us to tailor our solution to your needs and ensure your business thrives.

Unlocking the power of automation
in payments & collections

Maximised productivity and revenue

Achieve peerless efficiency & cost-effectiveness for your transaction management, whether domestic or global.

  • Collect Direct Debits faster & with higher match rates
  • Send payments securely and with minimal manual intervention
  • Benefit from advantageous commercial offerings that scale with you and power your growth, not stifle it

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Innovative connectivity solutions for every financial ecosystem

AccessPay’s cloud-based bank integration solution offers unmatched connectivity across your global financial operations.

  • Compatible with any bank, ERP or payment rail, internationally
  • Connectivity choices include API, host-to-host connections and more
  • ISO 20022-ready

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Secure, compliant & Operationally Resilient

AccessPay’s bank integration solution automates PRA reports, controls and scales your finance function – allowing you to be compliant and always audit-ready. Our platform also eliminates people risk such as banking portal downtime, security breaches and more.

  • Integrated Fraud & Error Prevention Suite: fully embedded suite of capabilities to de-risk payments & collections (Account Name Verification, Sanctions Screening and Payment Screening)
  • Audit readiness: Automated reports ensure audit readiness at all times and to the highest standards
  • Robust payment controls: Customisable user permissions, access controls and payment approval flows
  • Fully UK SOx-compliant out-of-the-box, and prepared for any regulatory changes

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Total control over your cash flow

AccessPay’s Cash Management solution provides total transparency of your business’s funds. See your global cash position, optimise your cash flow, and enable your treasury teams to advise the business strategically.

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Choose payment automation with confidence

Get operational with AccessPay in as little as
4 weeks

Our Professional Services advisors handle even the most complex implementation projects quickly and efficiently.

We know: the quicker you’re onboarded, the faster you see revenue materialise from faster, more efficient payment operations.

5-star support
for all

We take customer support seriously, and pride ourselves on a sterling record of customer satisfaction.

Every AccessPay customer works with a dedicated customer success manager – to ensure your success, together.

Your process,
supported by
our experts

Our Professional Services team works with you to configure our platform to your standards and ensure optimal performance, across your processes, people and technology.

We’re really happy with AccessPay. The platform is reliable, intuitive and easy for our team to navigate. What’s more, the customer support is excellent, not just during the delivery of the project, but afterwards as well. They are always on hand to support us with anything we need and with new projects. We’re looking forward to continuing the relationship well into the future.

AccessPay powers growth for Financial Services providers.

Through our automated, cloud-based, flexible bank integration solution we help Financial Services businesses globally unlock new revenue streams, optimise their cash flows, and operate efficiently & compliantly.

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