Automate bank statement feeds

Download accurate bank statement data 95% faster with a digital connection to your bank.

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Connecting bank statement feeds directly to your back-office systems

Futureproof your onward reconciliation and cash management processes with a digital bank connection. Seamlessly link your corporate banking estate with any ERP, TMS or Financial Close tool to maximise your staff’s time and make accurate financial decisions.

Improve reconciliation times

Cut out manual, repetitive data entry tasks and move beyond legacy record-to-report processes.

Consolidate global banking operations

Replace periodic reporting with centralized visibility and control over your balances and transactions at group level. Learn more >

Enable real-time reporting

Enable timely and accurate financial reporting by utilising AccessPay as the middle layer that connects your core finance applications to your banking estate.


“Our finance and treasury teams save 25 hours a week using AccessPay as a digital bank connection”

Karen Fagen, Head of Treasury Operations at ITV

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Speed up bank reconciliation

Automate the flow of statement feeds into your ERP or reconciliation software to cut out manual, repetitive accounting tasks and move a step beyond legacy record-to-report processes.




Enable treasury and cash management operations

Automate the receipt of intra-day and end-of-day statements directly into your TMS to focus your treasury team on cash management and analysis, not data entry.

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Say goodbye to online banking portals

Save hours of valuable time and resource spent on getting your statement data out of your bank and in to your back-office.

An automated solution frees up your team from repetitive data entry to get back to doing what they do best – delivering value-add tasks.


Remove risk, increase control

Having tight control over your corporate banking environment is crucial to reducing risk and improving the accuracy of data and reporting. Gone are the days of threat actors intercepting online banking credentials and reporting inaccuracies due to manual collation of data.

Using AccessPay eliminates the need for sharing online banking credentials with multiple staff members and cuts out the risk of human error.

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Move data in minutes, not hours

Want access to the most timely, accurate transaction data? Why wait? Get statements into your back-office as quickly as you can receive them from the bank.

AccessPay enables straight-through processing of statement feeds by automatically downloading and transforming the data in to whatever format you need via a secure sftp client. Cutting processing times from hours to minutes in comparison to more manual methods like online banking.


“The ability to scale connectivity to multiple banks, jurisdictions and payment methods through a single standard connectivity process was a real benefit to us.”

Christopher Davies, Treasury Reporting Manager at NSG

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How does it work?

consolidating global bank connectivity with AccessPay

AcessPay is the middle-layer between your back-office and your banking estate. Utilising an API or sFTP connection, AccessPay receives intra-day statement files from your all of your connected banks and automatically transforms them in to a format that’s consumable by your ERP, TMS or reconciliation tool.

With the ability to connect to any bank, AccessPay gives your finance and treasury team the capability to manage the entire corporate banking estate from one place. There’s no need to hire extra resource.

So whether you’re banking in EMEA, APAC or somewhere else, you can receive data from all your accounts and get it in to the right systems in minutes, no matter how many banks, accounts or countries you work in.

To understand how connectivity to your banks is established choose from the options below:

SWIFT Connectivity

Connect to the SWIFT network to receive daily and intra-day MT messages from multiple banks using AccessPay’s BIC. If you are already connected to the SWIFT network, we can also utilize your BIC to facilitate the connection to your banking estate. MT messages are then automatically transformed in to a format that’s compatible with your back-office before being uploaded to a secure location of your choice.

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Host-to-Host Bank Connectivity

If you require access to bank statements from a small number of key banking partners, AccessPay is able to build and maintain a custom host-to-host bank connection on your behalf. Once built, AccessPay receives statements via your bank connection in an MT format before automatically transforming them in to a consumable format and uploading them to a secure location of your choice.

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Choose a better way to connect to your banks with a digital bank connection

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