3rd Jul 2023

AccessPay Launches Bank Integration API

Bank Integration API enables end-to-end automation of cash management lifecycle

We are delighted to release our new external API for payments and cash visibility. Processing any payment or statement type, the API allows companies in all sectors to quickly and easily bridge the gap between the corporate back office and corporate banking networks.

Our new API is another step forward in our vision for Corporate-to-Bank Integration as a Service, enabling corporates to futureproof their finance operations, improve risk management, and modernise their internal infrastructure. By taking a ‘connect anything, integrate everything’ approach to connecting finance systems to banking services, our AccessPay API supports the digital transformation efforts that many businesses are undergoing.

With the API establishing corporate connections to banks, finance teams can receive payment reports and status updates in real-time. They then have better visibility over the cash position of the company and can report more accurately. The move to an API-driven approach also removes the need for individuals to use payment files, reducing the potential for human error and lessening fraud risk. The API also brings benefits to the wider business by aligning with the move towards modern, internal API-driven infrastructures, ensuring a fully integrated tech stack that is fit for future use.

Developed with the latest standards in mind, the API is ISO 20022 compliant and can support the payment market’s transition to the new messaging format that is taking place over the next two years. With the manifold benefits that it delivers, AccessPay’s API can be considered a significant step-up in corporate-to-bank connectivity.

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