Treasury Management System (TMS) vs. Automated Cash Analytics Tool (ACAT)

The Future of Treasury is in Tech:

With Treasury Management Systems (TMS) delivering on traditional treasury front, what does an Automated Cash Analytics Tool do? Discover more in this FREE eBook.

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The 2008 Financial Crisis has been the most fundamental driver of change in the roles and responsibility of the corporate treasury department.

The most significant financial disaster of our time has highlighted a companies’ need to manage cash and liquidity exposures ever closer – combining a focus on earnings, with a focus on managing risk and exposure. To deal with this situation and bring about strategic change, the role of the treasurer came into focus. Treasurers were no longer just cash and liquidity managers. They became business leaders and risk managers overnight.

To help continue to deliver results on the traditional treasury front, Treasury Management Systems (TMS) came to the fore. They helped to deliver portfolio management in a single place and enhanced the risk management package. But what has been missing for around a decade are automated, data driven operational tools to help deliver new treasury strategic goals.

Until now… Enter Automated Cash Analytics Tools

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