SEVEN Reasons for Change in Finance and Treasury

Everyone is talking about change and transformation in Finance & Treasury operations. But it can be difficult to know where to begin. This playbook guides you through 7 reasons for technological change:

  1. Consolidating banking relationships
  2. ERP-to-Bank Integration
  3. Finance & Treasury reporting
  4. Back-office system integration
  5. Multi-bank visibility
  6. Payments Automation
  7. Security across finance operations



Though the role of finance and treasury operations will always be a demanding one, technological advancements are providing solutions that consolidate, automate and accelerate key treasury functions and there’s a compelling argument that the time for them to be adopted, is now.

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The ‘T’ word can be a scary one. It means robust investment. And it means proving that return on investment with evidence to allow for further investment.

Balancing that change-based ROI with daily accountability over your entire portfolio of corporate investments and acquisitions….that’s no small feat.

That’s why we’ve created this FREE playbook for change in Finance & Treasury to help you:

  • Build an internal business case for Financial transformation
  • Understand the right technology mix for your transformation project
  • Action a Financial Transformation project with minimal disruption to key business processes