19th Dec 2018

Wrap up your BACS payments in time for Christmas!

Jingle Bills, Jingle Bills – wrap up your Bacs payments in time for Christmas!

Christmas is here, everyone’s full of festive cheer. But bills aren’t going anywhere for businesses and their customers.

Something to tick off your Christmas list early…

Everyone has their own priorities around this time of year.

Most people are focused on presents, parties & whipping up the perfect Christmas dinner.

Whereas businesses are hoping to get paid on time, so they can start the New Year afresh without worrying about having to tie up any loose ends – or their impact on cash flow.

Direct Debits – the gift that keeps on giving

Direct Debits are an easy & reliable payment method throughout the year, but they can be especially beneficial over the festive period.

With Direct Debits, customers & businesses don’t need to worry about late payments & can concentrate on enjoying the festivities instead.

But Christmas is an unusual time for sending and receiving payments. So it’s always a good idea to check and make sure they will arrive on time. You can do that by downloading this handy Bacs calendar.

Useful advice from Bacs

Bacs Payment Schemes Ltd has advised businesses to plan ahead to avoid any payment issues over the Christmas period.

For instance, the latest submission date for processing accounts payable & payroll payments before the Christmas break is Friday 20th December 2019.

Here’s a little stocking filler to help you make a positive start to the New Year too:

Download: Bacs Processing Calendar 2020

Get paid on time this Christmas…

If you’re looking to start the new year off with a payments strategy that works for you, give AccessPay a call. One of our payment experts will be happy to show you how we can benefit your business.