18th Sep 2023

Why AccessPay should be your BACS payment alternative

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, businesses are constantly seeking technological solutions that will help to streamline their operations, cut costs, and provide the flexibility needed to adapt to changing times.

Have you been considering alternatives to your current BACS payment provider?

Perhaps you’ve been stung with expensive upgrade costs to move from on-premise solutions to the cloud? Or maybe you’re looking for a solution that won’t charge you for transactions over a certain threshold?

This is where AccessPay can help.

We pride ourselves on being the first cloud-native BACS-approved software provider in the UK; offering the most scalable alternative to legacy BACS payment providers.

In this blog, we’ll explore why AccessPay should be your BACS payment provider of choice; highlighting our commitment to transparency, flexibility, and industry-leading service.


Say goodbye to lengthy contracts

One of the major things that sets AccessPay apart is our approach to contracts.

We understand that businesses want the flexibility to review their tech stack regularly and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. That’s why we offer flexible contracts that cover as little as 12-month terms. We won’t lock you into extended contracts just to keep you from exploring alternatives that better suit your needs.

Moreover, our one-year contract includes an assessment of your current financial systems, ensuring that you’re getting the best-fit solution from day one.

In contrast, legacy providers often prefer extended contracts that can incur substantial fees if you decide to exit prematurely, limiting your ability to make the tech purchase decisions that are right for your business.


A solution that scales with you

At AccessPay, we believe in providing a solution that is designed to scale with business growth.

We don’t charge our customers per transaction, no matter the size. This means you won’t face additional fees as your transaction volume increases.

We are committed to enhancing our solution continually, offering ease-of-use and technological innovation without burdening our customers with upgrade costs.

Unlike some legacy BACS payment providers, we won’t penalise you for growing your business. We also won’t charge you for basic upgrades from on-premise solutions to cloud-based models as this is something we consider standard practice.

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“There were several reasons we chose AccessPay, and one was because it was commercially viable for us with your flat fee structure. This allows for future growth without having to worry about spiralling costs. It can scale easily with business growth.”

Chris Allison, Project Manager Admiral Insurance

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Industry-leading Service

Thanks to our customer-first approach to service, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.

Instead, we work closely with each business to identify their unique needs, objectives, and challenges before designing a tailored solution.

We often find our customers have a range of customisation challenges, inefficiencies across different areas of their processes and regulatory compliance requirements which require a more bespoke solution. Every customer we work with receives a dedicated Customer Success Manager so that once they are onboarded, we ensure our customers are getting the most out of the platform, and can enhance their experience with suggested features and solutions that will fit their needs.

You often find that legacy providers offer ‘off-the-shelf’ style solutions that may not fully align with your business’s specific needs, which can present significant challenges for businesses with unique or specialised requirements.

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“Throughout the project, AccessPay’s customer support was excellent. They provided expert guidance on SWIFT, helping us to understand what was needed to fully automate our treasury payments, and liaised with our system providers to help create the ideal payment file formats for the job. The team regularly updated us on progress, so we knew exactly what was happening at every stage.”

Warren Hyde, Sainsburys Bank, Treasury Operations Manager



One platform, no hidden costs

Put simply, we integrate corporate back-office systems like ERPs directly with banks, allowing you to efficiently and securely manage your payments in one place. Say goodbye to the headaches of managing disparate systems.


Other BACS payment providers often use a patchwork of point solutions to expand their platform, resulting in a fragmented process with multiple systems that don’t always integrate seamlessly. This fragmented approach can lead to inefficiencies and hidden costs that soon stack up. With AccessPay, you’re able to manage and automate your payment operations in one place, maximising efficiency.



“The savings we’ve made since moving from a legacy system to AccessPay has been substantial. We’ve saved not hundreds, but thousands.”

Julie Schofield, Finance Manager, Durham Constabulary



Choosing AccessPay

In a world where businesses need agility, transparency, and reliability, AccessPay stands out as the wise choice for your BACS payment solution.

Our flat fee structure ensures commercial viability and future growth without the fear of spiralling costs. We scale with your business, providing a solution that adapts to your evolving needs.

Our commitment to fraud and error prevention, coupled with robust security measures ensure your financial transactions remain secure and compliant.

Ready to find out more? Learn more about why AccessPay should be your BACS payment alternative.