21st Jan 2019

Why is AccessPay attending the Future of Finance & CFO Summit 2019?

We’ve got some big news. AccessPay is planning to attend the Future of Finance & CFO Summit 2019. Taking place from 11th to 13th February at The Hurlingham Club, a private members club in London. This event brings together Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) from leading organisations across Europe to discuss the most pressing issues facing top tier financial professionals right now.

The summit features a mix of workshops, interactive discussions, tech demos, talks from industry-leading figures and more. This makes you wonder, what makes this summit a more attractive prospect than all the other financial events in the calendar? Let’s get into this by asking: why is AccessPay attending the Future of Finance & CFO Summit 2019? Here are five reasons…

Reason #1 Understanding the evolving role of the CFO

The summit will provide us with the chance to see how the role of the CFO is changing.

Second in seniority only to the CEO, most CFOs now sit on the boards of their respective organisations. This means that the CFO has a lot of decision-making power in terms of an organisation’s growth and development plans, as well as funding. We’ll get to meet and chat with these influential people, as well as poll them throughout the event to find out what currently features on the CFO’s agenda.

The theme is also well suited towards helping us understand the evolving nature of the CFO role. Titled Elevating Finance, the summit’s theme will focus on providing business-wide support through strategic and digital transformation. It’s basically tailor-made to shine a light on how tech and automation can help CFOs meet their responsibilities, and it’ll also show us how can support them.

Reason #2 A chance to network

It’s not everyday you get to meet +200 CFOs

Started in 2007, the summit has attracted 1,200 attendees from across the UK and Europe, offering 140 hours of networking. This year some distinguished CFOs, from industries like media, telecommunications and tourism, will be there. By talking to these knowledgeable professionals, we can learn what customers and prospects want from financial technology providers, allowing us to refine our product offerings to meet their needs.

Reason #3 Show what we’ve got to offer

The summit will feature a range of stands, where companies can “showcase a complex offering to a receptive audience”.

How could we pass up on that? At our stand, some of AccessPay’s brightest talent will be there to explain to CFOs how the AccessPay platform can add value to corporate payments and cash management operations.

So how can attendees find us? The exhibitor stands will be set up in the main networking lounge, which is based just outside where the speaker sessions will be held. It couldn’t be more convenient!

Reason #4 Sit in on thought-leadership sessions

This event will also serve as a wealth of industry knowledge that we’d be fools not to mine.

Since it was set up, the Future of Finance & CFO summit has offered 500 talks from financial leaders, 88 workshops and 260 interactive sessions to attendees. This year there’ll be a mix of conferences, interactive roundtables, tech demos, workshops,  keynote speeches and much more.


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The agenda for this year’s event is sure to provide valuable insight. Its speaker roster features some of the most notable financial professionals around including Facebook’s Director of Global Credit & Collections & EMEA Financial Operations Majella Mungovan, Monzo’s Head of FP&A Julie Oey and Paul Bryanhill, the Vice President of Finance Operations at NBC Universal. With sessions such as Innovating Finance for the Future – FTSE 100 Case Study, as well as Leading Finance through Change – Crafting the Finance Function of the Future, the summit touches on some fascinating topics.

Reason #5 Offer insight on security

We also hope to offer valuable insight in return by attending the Future of Finance & CFO Summit 2019.

AccessPay CEO Anish Kapoor, and Product Director, James Higgins will be hosting a session called Security on top of the agenda for Finance Professionals – and there couldn’t be a better forum for it.

Security is a very important issue in finance right now. Figures released last year show that the UK’s finance sector invests more in cyber-security than any other industry. With tricks like whaling and invoice redirection up their sleeves, cyber-criminals pose an ever-more-potent threat to an organisation’s cash flow. As the traditional role of the CFO is to make sure cash flow remains steady, overseeing security in payments is now becoming an important part of the CFO’s job description.

CFOs, as well as Finance Directors, are definitely coming to realise that they need to focus more on security. In a poll carried out in 2018, Finance Directors and CFOs named cyber-security and fraud prevention as two of the top five issues on their agendas. At our session, Anish and James will offer insight on how CFOs can tackle these pressing issues, by discussing how they can adopt security tools to keep their organisation’s cash flow running smoothly.

Let’s discover the future of finance

Quite simply we’re going to this summit to find out more about the future of finance, from the people who are best positioned to point us in the right direction.

As we network, listen to thought-provoking speeches and receive feedback on our own security-focused session, the image of this future will come into sharper focus. This will allow the team at AccessPay to better understand – and therefore meet – the needs of our customers, so we can keep pushing the envelope of innovation.

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