28th Feb 2023

Optimising your Business Banking with Global Payment Processing

As businesses continue to expand across borders, the need for a seamless global payments system becomes increasingly important. Global payment systems have evolved significantly in recent years, making it easier and faster for businesses to send and receive payments across different countries and currencies. 


One of the key players in this field is choosing the right system to manage these payments and provide real-time reporting and analytics. Using a global payment system gives you the ability to receive payments in different currencies. With the rise of e-commerce and international trade, businesses need to be able to process transaction amounts in different currencies to facilitate cross-border transactions.  A good global payment provider will offer a range of currency options to suit the needs of different businesses, and ensure that payments are processed quickly and efficiently. By leveraging the latest technology and infrastructure, providers can offer fast and secure payment processing, reducing the risk of errors and fraud while providing greater visibility and control over the payment process. 


In the corporate world, payment processing plays a critical role in ensuring that transactions are completed quickly and securely. As the global economy continues to expand, so too do the options available for business owners when it comes to making payments. One of these options is global payment processing (also known as payment automation), which enables businesses to make payments across borders quickly and securely.  But what do we mean by global payment processing, and how does it work? 


What is Global Payment Processing

Global payment processing is an online platform that allows companies to make payments to individuals or businesses in different countries under one single user interface. With the drive to digital transformation across finance functions, this type of payment process is becoming increasingly popular as businesses continue to expand their global operations.  With global payment processing, funds can be transferred automatically from one country to another without the need to log into multiple online banking portals. 

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Benefits Of Using A Global Payment Processor like AccessPay

Using a global payment processor offers numerous benefits for businesses including improved efficiency, reduced costs associated with international transfers, improved security and fraud prevention measures, 24/7 customer service access, and increased speed of payments between countries. 
Additionally, using a global payment processor allows businesses to save time by automating processes such as invoicing and accounting while also reducing manual paperwork associated with traditional methods of international payments. Finally, many global payment processors provide added features such as dispute resolution services which can help protect your business against potential fraud or disputes down the line. 

Global payment processing provides businesses with an efficient and secure way of sending payments around the world quickly and easily. By taking advantage of this service, you can reduce costs associated with international payments/transfers while also improving security measures against fraud or disputes while streamlining processes like invoicing and accounting. With so many benefits offered by global payment processors today, there has never been a better time than now for businesses to start using them for their international financial needs. 


NSG’s success with Global Payment Processing 

We recently worked with NSG, one of the world’s largest manufactures of glass and glazing products for architectural, automotive and technology solutions.  They were looking for a way to create an in-house solution for payments automation, but quickly realised creating this was much more complicated than anticipated. Resource required for building a solution like this would be extensive and expensive. Choosing a partner like AccessPay would also speed up time-to-value as they could get set up in a matter of weeks and it also meant they could take advantage of our experts and strategic partnerships with some of the biggest global banks.  Christopher saw value in AccessPay’s SWIFT application as he’d be able to gain secure access to the SWIFT network and connect all the company’s bank accounts through the AccessPay platform. Every payment, in every account, could be made, authorised, and tracked in one place.   



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