19th Oct 2021

AccessPay’s Platform Showcase: Connecting back-offices to banks

On October 19th, we hosted a live Platform Showcase, offering those in finance and treasury operations some valuable insight into the solution’s mitigation of common pain points.

The event was streamed directly to LinkedIn, but is now available to watch on demand right here:


What is the Platform Showcase?

AccessPay recognise that the use of disparate technology across global finance functions can create unnecessary complexity, risk, and inefficiency.

While our Bacs solution remains popular, our wider software solution offers a variety of benefits and other services that you may be unaware of.

By targeting common pain points identified by clients prior to coming onboard with AccessPay, the Platform Showcase demonstrated the ways in which your business will benefit from both payment automation and cash management.

We heard from two of the team’s most experienced payments specialists: Head of Enterprise Sales Tom Livock, and Peter Jennings, Head of Pre-Sales.


Who is the Platform Showcase For?

Noticed that your finance and treasury teams aren’t working at maximum efficiency?

Chances are they’re tied up manually processing payments which, as mentioned, poses a risk to your business’s financial security, as well as wasting valuable time.

Catching up on this session is a must for CFOs and Finance Operations leaders looking to reduce the cost and complexity of corporate banking – from payment routing right through to cash visibility.

Follow the video to this interactive platform showcase above and see exactly how AccessPay enables enterprise finance teams to connect mission critical corporate banking services to the back-office systems your teams use every day.

Looking to uncover areas to reduce risk & costs whilst building efficiencies to futureproof your banking operations? AccessPay are offering a free audit which will cover payment and transaction processing, cash management and financial integrations operations. Sign up below for an informal call.


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