16th Jan 2018

Get the most out of your cash with an Automated Cash Analytics Tool

Many corporates in the UK are struggling to manage cash liquidity as debt finance becomes unattainable in this shifting macroeconomic environment. So, what does a company need to make sure they’re getting the best return and truly making the most out of their current cash balance?

Even with the unavoidable financial instability, there are certainly things that can be done to earn substantial returns on cash, with many corporate treasurers looking for new approaches in their financial strategy.

That’s where Automated Cash Analytics Tools come in.

Investing in an Automated Cash Analytics Tool is a financially rewarding decision, which can be tailored to match your existing treasury requirements.

It’s possible to use the tool either as a stand-alone, strategic treasury solution in conjunction with your existing Treasury Management System (TMS), or with your current Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

Differing from the core value proposition of a TMS, an Automated Cash Analytics Tool is designed to help make your cash work harder with just a few clicks of a button.

With an Automated Cash Analytics Tool, any company with a positive end-of-day balance can sweep funds cross-bank (and potentially even cross-country) to make the most out of higher bank interest rates. Oh, and it works perfectly when it comes to managing Forex volatility, too.

What are the requirements?

If – as a treasurer – your objectives are to manage cash, manage risk and maximise return on your existing cash balances so that sufficient funds are available to meet group obligations, then an Automated Cash Analytics Tool is a wise investment.

They’re designed to help large corporations optimise cash and manage funds with minimal risk; all while maintaining full cash visibility across the entire banking estate.

By providing immediate cash visibility alongside timely, accurate data on balances and global financial positions, an Automated Cash Analytics Tool becomes your single source of truth. Enabling you to drill down & provide effective, informed financial analysis.

Crucially, giving you the confidence you need to make those all-important decisions around investment and liquidity.

What’s more, Automated Cash Analytics Tools are available anywhere, any time. And with most TMS solutions moving to the cloud, it’s no surprise that this tool is cloud ready. After all, leading developers in this space are fintech companies.

Is an Automated Cash Analytics Tool right for your business?

Is your business interested in optimising its cash, even when you’re not at work?

Through an Automated Cash Analytics Tool, you can guarantee the best return on your business bank balance.  Assisting in placating the effects of financial fluctuations and preparing additional funding in case of an unforeseen business crisis. Tactically sweeping savings in to higher interest rate bank accounts can also help treasurers optimise their organisations cash position.

If, as a company, you’ve got a surplus of cash sitting dormant and you want to make the most out of preferential interest rates, then utilising an Automated Cash Analytics Tool is the next logical step.

It’s no longer about doing more with less; it’s about getting the most from what you already have.

So, do I still need my TMS?

When treasurers ask us this question, we always say that it really is up to you. It depends on how you manage your finance & treasury function.

After all, every organisation has its own individual business processes in place. Some treasury departments have a standalone TMS or ERP, some have both. Others still rely on the age-old spreadsheet.

Automated Cash Analytics Tools are designed and developed to work independently – or in conjunction with – any other existing treasury software. And as a result, will integrate with your existing TMS or ERP to enhance your treasury function further.

Remember, the Automated Cash Analytics Tool is there to make your cash work harder and go further.