8th Mar 2024

Celebrating women’s impact: The importance of gender diversity in Tech

As we recognise International Women’s Day, AccessPay is proud to celebrate the invaluable contributions women make to the technology industry.

While, for many, diversity has simply become something of a buzzword in recent years, its importance in workplaces (and especially that of technology companies) around the world is becoming increasingly clear. But, why is this?

The WomenTech network has said that “every person in the world should be concerned about the gender gap present within technology. It is an issue that will have a large and lasting impact on us all, regardless of gender or background.”

Shockingly, in the tech industry, less than one-fifth of employees are women, but if tech companies don’t prioritise more women in tech roles and leadership positions, these businesses will lack a wider range of perspectives, experiences and skillsets which can drive innovation, problem-solving and better performance outcomes. Put simply, these businesses will lack a competitive edge over those that do (more on this later).

At AccessPay, we still have some work to do as a company to bridge the equality gap. But, on International Women’s Day this year, we can champion the progress that has been made across the industry, celebrate the strength of women in leadership roles and shine a light on our female role models.


First, let’s look at the numbers

The facts show that women are vastly underrepresented in the tech sector and financial technology space.

  • Only 7% of fintech founders are women
  • Just 30% of the overall fintech workforce identifies as female.
  • This percentage drops further to 17% when looking at senior leadership roles.
  • Across the broader technology landscape, women make up only 19% of the workforce.

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The business imperative for having more women leaders in tech

Increasing the representation of women in tech is not just about providing equal opportunities – it makes good business sense.

Research from McKinsey found companies with gender diversity at the executive level are 21% more likely to achieve above-average profitability.




  • A 2024 study by strengths-based leadership firm Zenger Folkman found women significantly outperformed men in leadership effectiveness in the technology field, scoring 52.1% compared to 42.0% for men – the largest gender gap across all industries analysed.
  • A McKinsey report also revealed companies ranking in the top quartile for gender diversity on their executive teams were 21% more likely to achieve above-average profitability compared to their peers.


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In fact, organisations with women in leadership roles outperform on metrics like:

  • Compromising and working out solutions >> women are 34% better
  • Providing honest and ethical leadership >> women are 34% more likely
  • Ensuring fair pay and benefits >> women are 30% more likely
  • Mentoring and developing others >> women are 25% better

Increasing women’s representation, especially in leadership, can provide a competitive advantage for tech companies striving for greater innovation and financial success.


50/50 split across our AccessPay’s Senior Leadership Team

At AccessPay, we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture and removing barriers to entry for women in fintech.

Our senior management team has achieved a 50/50 gender split, and we continue implementing policies to recruit, retain and empower female talent.

While more progress is still needed across the industry, we celebrate the vital perspectives and skills our female team members bring to AccessPay each day.

On International Women’s Day and every day, we honour the invaluable role of women in shaping the future of technology.

So, why not meet the some of the women who make AccessPay great.



Caroline Meredith, Sales Director women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-1

Caroline initially fell into a sales role at a cybersecurity firm – now she’s the Sales Director at the fastest growing FinTech outside of London. For her, there simply isn’t time to get bored of tech. Throughout the 25 years she’s worked in the industry, Caroline has seen both the sector and technology itself evolve leaps and bounds.

There are new roles and opportunities arising every minute, and she encourages women entering the workforce to do their research and get involved. If she could offer one piece of advice for tomorrow’s women in tech, it’d be that emotional intelligence is paramount. To truly connect with those around you, lead a team, and watch a company grow from a team of 30 to 30,000 – something Caroline can boast – you don’t just need technical expertise, but empathy and people skills.

A role in technology is a role for life, if you scale your ambitions with the industry’s – and the team at AccessPay are lucky to have Caroline to help support that growth on both a personal and company level.


Maja Rissman, Marketing Director women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-2

During her school years, Maja exhibited an equal aptitude for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines and humanities. However, discouraging words of male teachers ultimately swayed her decision away from pursuing a scientific career path, and moving toward studying literature instead.

Fast forward to today, and over her decade-plus journey in B2B SaaS marketing, Maja has been a steadfast advocate for positioning marketing as a data-driven, revenue-generating function – going far beyond just brand management. She believes modern marketing requires a critical blend of both analytical rigor and creative talent. The best of both worlds.

For her, she said this is a “stark reminder that interest, passion and dedication are more important than talent when it comes to choosing a career.” She utilises her passion for STEM disciplines every day as a Marketing Director. While she can’t say for certain that her gender had anything to do with her teachers misjudging her proclivity for numbers, she would like to encourage every girl and woman to not let prejudice stop them from pursuing their true interests.

A key achievement of hers since joining AccessPay has been to establish marketing as a strategic growth driver. Maja takes pride in the company’s commitment to diversity and gender parity in leadership which she has said is “still rare in the SaaS world”.

Maja’s guiding principle is: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

Every challenge overcome represents a small revolution. She hopes to inspire other women to be boldly self-assured in stretching beyond their comfort zones. Her advice is to pursue your interests wholeheartedly, remain solutions-oriented, and have the courage to keep marching forward.


Alex Considine-Tong, Product Director women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-3

Alex’s professional journey has been guided by her early pursuit of both leadership and functional expertise. Her advice is to proactively determine what you want – whether in leadership, as an individual contributor, or a hybrid path – and intentionally develop those skills through new challenges and continuous learning.

As a senior female leader at AccessPay, Alex is grateful that her gender has been relevant mainly in the positive impact her presence has had on other women at the company. She takes pride in demonstrating what’s possible and inspiring others to aspire for success.

Alex’s guiding principles are: “The grass isn’t greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it. So do what you can and let the rest be.” And “Everything I am good at now, I’m good at because I did it wrong (at least!) once. Embrace your mistakes and learn from them!”

She hopes to convey through her example that gender need not be an obstacle. With focus, determination and a growth mindset to learn from setbacks, women can advance into leadership roles and leave a motivating impact on others.


Hannah Davison, SDR & Sales Manager women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-3

Hannah’s professional journey has been shaped by working in organisations that champion gender equity. After starting her career at Pareto, where women dominated leadership and top sales roles, Hannah joined AccessPay – which she describes as having a progressive attitude towards workplace equality.

Her time at AccessPay has taught Hannah an invaluable lesson: to achieve your goals, you need to vocalise them and proactively pursue opportunities.

When a Sales Manager role opened up, Hannah advocated for herself, ultimately being selected to lead two growing sales teams over the past 3 years.

As a woman in tech at AccessPay, Hannah feels fortunate to be surrounded by talented colleagues of all genders who celebrate and uplift one another. She credits Caroline, her mentor, for providing invaluable support and opportunities.

Hannah’s guiding principles are: “Comparison is the thief of joy” and “Done is better than perfect.” Her advice to other women is to be direct about your ambitions, have confidence in your abilities, and maintain a positive, action-oriented mindset to continue breaking new ground.


Neelam Din, Head of Service Delivery women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-4

Neelam’s trajectory at AccessPay exemplifies the power of hard work, determination and resilience. Joining over six years ago as a Service Desk Analyst, she rapidly progressed into a leadership role heading up the team within just 18 months.

Under Neelam’s guidance, the Service Delivery function implemented streamlined processes to deliver exceptional customer experiences. She took on expanded responsibilities managing second-line support as well, playing an instrumental role in evolving the team to meet AccessPay’s growth.

Key achievements include her quick transition from individual contributor to team leader, spearheading operational enhancements that boosted service and satisfaction levels. Neelam helped shape the department’s future to align with the company’s needs.

As a woman in tech at AccessPay, Neelam has witnessed the company’s positive strides in promoting female representation and advancement. She takes pride in being part of an organisation that actively supports and values its female employees.

Neelam’s mantra is: “In every challenge lies the opportunity to rewrite your story with determination and resilience.”

She personifies the grit and drive needed to overcome obstacles and continually raise the bar on performance.


Thandi McNair – Senior Product Owner women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-5

Thandi understands the importance of a good story. From the gendered toys that children play with to the professional stigma of starting a family, there are certain narratives that run deep in our culture. While fiction has perpetuated harmful myths about gender throughout the years, she also believes that it is stories that will further unlock gender balance in both the technology sector and the wider workforce. In fact, Thandi has a compelling story of her own.

After spending time in Data Analyst roles, she now works on AccessPay’s Product team, reveling in the knowledge that she’s designing a service that will help people’s everyday lives.


Helen Slater-Petty- Head of Data & Analytics women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-7

Like many who enter a career in tech, Helen knew one thing for sure: she liked numbers. As a student, however, she felt in the minority. Her A-level maths classes were dominated by men, leading her to believe that the same would be the case for all data-focused roles. After getting her start in medical statistics – where there was seemingly a more harmonious gender balance – she moved into FinTech, finding herself somewhat in the minority.

She’s quick to note, however, that her experience at AccessPay has only been positive. She’s been able to fully embrace her role, climbing the ranks from Data Analyst all the way to Head of Data and Analytics. More than anything, Helen wants young women with a passion for numbers to know that Data is a viable role, regardless of gender.


Lauren Bostock – Software Engineer women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-6

Lauren was passionate about technology long before she realised it. Despite enjoying IT and Computing at school, she wasn’t made aware of the tech industry until her time at college, when she truly felt her career ambitions start to take shape. Like many other women, though, Lauren’s professionalism has been questioned by others.

When interacting with men on projects, it’s been presumed that she’s on the receiving end of help, rather than them being equals. For her, the upside is that there’s a growing community of vocal women in tech who are passionate about their sector and aren’t afraid to let the world know.


Freya Dale – Senior Corporate Sales Executive women-in-tech-international-womens-day-blog-image-9

Freya has carved a remarkable path in the industry. Her journey at AccessPay began as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), where she honed her people skills together with her passion for driving business growth. With determination and hard work, Freya quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a manager and leading the SDR team, responsible for growing the team and the outbound channel of the business.

Now as Senior Corporate Sales Executive, she is a firm believer in being unapologetically herself. She encourages women to dream big, be ambitious, and persistently pursue their goals. Her mantra is that determination and hard work will always win in the end. Freya emphasises the importance of setting goals, having a plan, and sticking to it while consistently revisiting and adjusting as needed.

Her unwavering self-belief and constantly revisiting goals and objectives have been instrumental in her success. Freya firmly believes in the power of collaboration, working with others to achieve career goals, and fostering an environment where everyone can thrive.

Among her numerous achievements, Freya’s most notable milestone was being named Salesperson of the Year in 2023 for delivering the highest volume of the largest deals ever closed at her company.

At AccessPay, Freya has witnessed a remarkable positive shift in the workplace for women. Coming from a male-dominated tech sales industry, she has managed teams consisting predominantly of males. However, over the past 2-3 years, she has seen a significant increase in the representation of women, with some of the highest sales performers being females.

Freya Dale’s journey is an inspiration to women in the workplace, demonstrating that with determination, hard work, and unwavering self-belief, they can shatter glass ceilings and achieve remarkable success.


Wrapping things up…

If there’s a key takeaway to be found here, it’s this: stories matter.

Examples of successful women in leadership matter. Companies continuing to strive for business-wide equity matters.

Culturally, there are several steps that can be taken to ensure greater diversity in the technology sector.

Women in Tech note that 88% of respondents in their survey would be drawn to a company that speaks openly about diversity: “it’s really important to women entering the tech industry that any potential organisation they work with are demonstrating they genuinely care about making a difference and improving gender diversity and diversity in tech in general”.

Not only this, but the correct benefits make a huge difference. Today’s job-seekers are no longer enamored by lukewarm promises of annual leave and office cultures that are all-too-often masculine in nature; flexible working, childcare policies, and a demonstrable commitment to social change are king (or queen).

Here at AccessPay, we’re continuing our journey of inclusivity and diversity – and we can’t wait to see where it leads us next.

If you’d like to join our growing team, take a look at our current job openings here.