15th Feb 2022

AccessPay Launch New Task-Based Hub ‘MyAccessPay’

You asked. We listened.

On February 28th, AccessPay are to launch MyAccessPay – an all-new hub dedicated to visibility, efficiency, and accessibility.

Developed in collaboration with our customers, MyAccessPay will provide corporates conducting banking operations newfound control over their cash flow.

A task-based, role-oriented resource complete with a new user interface, MyAccessPay boasts both increased functionality and ease of use.


With MyAccessPay, you can reap the rewards of increased payment file visibility.

The new in-flight tracker provides insight into whether payments have been successful, rejected, failed, or cancelled.




A quick auditor view allows you to easily track your selected file journey, viewing comments provided at any stage.

MyAccessPay ensures that payment files will no longer be left behind, removing dead weight from your banking operations.



Payment files that require action are now catapulted to the top of the MyAcccessPay hub, meaning that logging on and viewing your workload is a doddle.

Approvers no longer have to navigate a payment landing page in order to view files that are in need of attention.

“Working closely with our customers, we’ve developed the first phase of MyAccessPay to focus on bringing greater visibility, efficiency, and accessibility when processing payments”, Product Manager Neil Kay-Jones elaborates.

“A task-oriented view enables users to manage their roles more efficiently, especially when urgent action is required.

“This is the start of the MyAccessPay hub, which brings enhanced digital corporate banking solutions directly to finance and treasury functions. With MyAccessPay, being able to see, control, and optimise your cash flow has never been easier.”



MyAccessPay also brings a new user interface to the existing AccessPay experience.

Created with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in mind, a simplified layout contributes to the hub’s increased emphasis on both efficiency and accessibility.




Not only this, but users are now able to select colour schemes – such as the ever-popular dark mode.


MyAccessPay Showcase

To provide a closer look, we hosted the MyAccessPay Showcase on February 21st at 11am.

Joined by:

  • Daniel O’Brien – Head of Account Management
  • Neil Kay-Jones – Product Manager

If you’re an existing AccessPay customer, contact your Account Manager for more details about MyAccessPay.

Or, if you’re looking to modernise your global banking operations with our Payment Automation and Cash Management solutions, book a demo here.


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