3rd Nov 2021

AccessPay and Zanders’ UK Payments Webinar

AccessPay hosted a virtual event titled The Changing UK Payment Landscape: Opportunities and Considerations for Corporates in collaboration with Zanders.

The event, which took place on November 30th 2021, provided a succinct overview on the current state of UK payments.


What’s the Event About and Who’s It For?

The UK payments landscape is changing.

With modernisation spanning from the connectivity options available to corporates right through to the infrastructure they’re hosted on, it can be hard to keep up. This event is here to help you out on demand, spanning a number of emerging and established topics in the UK payments scene.

Discussion first centred around Open Banking and the opportunities it holds for corporates – especially in relation to Cash Management services.

Secondly, the Host2Host versus APIs debate was considered, aiming to help you find the right connectivity type for your business and key considerations for adoption.

The Changing UK Payment Landscape then focused on the all-important financial messaging standard ISO 20022, before wrapping things up with a couple of AccessPay’s key case studies.

If you’re an EU-based Finance or Treasury expert, this event is for you.

The next generation of corporate banking is here – if you need to futureproof your organisation’s ongoing workload and operations, you can watch the event on demand above or on YouTube at any time.


Who Spoke at the Event?

The event was hosted by three senior figures from AccessPay, Zanders, and Open Banking:


  • James Stockton – Senior Partner Manager at AccessPay 

James is Senior Partner Manager at AccessPay, working alongside members of AccessPay’s Partner Programme to support the expansion and coverage of banking connectivity capabilities across different tech vendors, implementation consultancies and corporate banking providers.


  • Mark Sutton – Senior Manager at Zanders

Mark is a Senior Manager in the Treasury & Risk consulting practice at Zanders focusing on industry financial messaging standards, SSC process improvements, technology and project management. He is based in London with over 34 years of experience in finance and financial messaging across the corporate, public and financial sector.

A UK elected representative of the ISO TC68 Payment SEG (2005-2014), Mark was part of the original design team for the ISO 20022 XML version 3 messages. He was also a founding member of CSTP Bank Group and the CGI-MP industry groups and is now supporting the creation of the XML V9 implementation guidelines.

Finally, Mark was chair of ISO TC68 SC2 sub-group covering Security (2010-2014).


  • Constanza Castro Feijóo – Stakeholder Engagement Specialist at Open Banking

Constanza is responsible for developing and delivering engagement strategies with key communities within the overall open banking ecosystem, including SMEs, Government, and Utilities. She is passionate about fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, impact investment and inclusive businesses.


A Little More About AccessPay and Zanders…

Zanders are an international treasury consultancy business with a storied history dating back to 1994. As a specialised advisory company, they are at the forefront of all developments in a variety of areas to offer innovative technological solutions.

They’re big believers in the importance of company culture, and with offices spanning from Stockholm to Tokyo and a backlog of over 3000 projects, Zanders are powered by experience and innovation.

AccessPay provides a solution that connects any back-office system to your banking estate. By making your finance function a more efficient and secure end-to-end operation, the Manchester-based team hope to revolutionise corporate banking.

If you’re a Finance and Treasury professional looking to modernise your corporate banking operations, watch the above recording of the event, or keep it tuned to AccessPay for more upcoming events.