The secret to a faster close: Uncovering opportunities for automation in finance & treasury

Today’s finance leaders’ responsibilities go beyond traditional financial management. They are expected to act as strategic advisors within their organisation; relied upon to provide valuable insights to help drive growth and profitability for their business. In this webinar Tom Livock, Payments Expert at AccessPay, sits down with Product Experts, Dennis van der Graff and Anita Stamenkovska at Zone&Co, to discuss how automation in statements retrieval & reconciliation supports the strategic objectives of Finance Leaders: Delivering up-to-date accurate information to report back to C-suite and the Board as well as enhancing their organisation’s financial security. You’ll learn more about:
  • The inefficiencies and risks manual statement retrieval & reconciliation processes pose 
  • How automation accelerates the reconciliation process, facilitating a swift financial close 
  • How the reduction of manual intervention adds an extra layer of security, mitigating the risk of fraud and supporting regulatory compliance
Don’t miss this opportunity to see for yourself how auto-reconciliation is supporting the evolving role of the Finance leader.