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EP 13: Preparing for UK SOX: What the new regime means for Audit & Finance Directors

It won’t be long now: In 2024, the UK’s version of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) is coming, necessitating an increased focus on risk management and data accuracy for any UK business that is classed as a ‘Public Interest Entity’.

UK SOX requires senior finance and audit professionals to implement effective payment controls and provide consistent and accurate financial statement data to protect their finance operations. If these processes do not meet the requirements set out by UK SOX; Audit & Finance Directors will be personally liable, meaning they face huge fines and even imprisonment if they’re not compliant.

Businesses need to act now, but there are still many unanswered questions.

Who is classed as a Public Interest Entity (PIE)? How can finance teams achieve this? And what are the risks of non-compliance?

Join our very own CEO, Anish Kapoor and Director of GRC & Security, Mark Fitzpatrick as they discuss what companies need to do to navigate successfully through UK SOX.

We’ll discuss: 

  • Why has the UK government decided to implement SOX and what is it meant to achieve?
    Who does it affect?
    How can you become compliant, achieve better payment controls, auditing and reporting?

As UK SOX compliance is not optional, and businesses can’t afford potential penalties and sanctions, this event is ideal for any finance professionals who will be involved with or actively managing the enforcement of these changes.