Finance Transformation Unlocked

EP 12: Uncovering The Hidden Risks of Manual Banking Processes: How to Modernise Your Finance Operations

Our Drive to Digital 2022 Report revealed that 80% of businesses surveyed still rely on banking portals to make payments and retrieve statements. These aren’t small or simple businesses. Most were global organizations and 57% had a turnover of at least £100m.

So, why is this concerning?

If we consider our own personal online banking, it comes with multiple levels of security that make it easy and safe to use. The reason this is secure is because only you have access to it. But as corporate entity, you are sharing access with multiple people across your finance team. And, these individuals need to manually log in to every bank portal to process payments, potentially on a global scale. This introduces a significant risk to the business as bank portals are not designed for multiple users to manage finances securely. That’s where bank integration comes in.

In our latest webinar, expect to learn:

  • Why manual banking processes are secure, but not safe for corporates
  • The real business costs associated with bank portals
  • What we mean by bank connectivity, and the different connection types available to you
  • How to combat traditional corporate banking challenges with in-built fraud and error protection

Presented by Kasia Bargielowski-Foster, Product Marketing Manager and Tom Livock, Head of Enterprise Sales