Finance Transformation Unlocked

EP 10: Focus on the FX Sector

Focus on the FX Sector: how to ‘super automate’ your payments and statement processing 

Join us (along with Harcus Copper from Barclays) for an in-depth exploration of the challenges faced by foreign exchange (FX) companies and what is required to ensure smooth and efficient processing of payments and statements.  FX companies operate in a highly complex environment with unique challenges, including regulatory compliance, market volatility, and the need to process large volumes of transactions quickly and accurately.   Our experts will discuss: 
  • Some of the solutions that have been developed by Banks and technology providers to address specific FX sector challenges. 
  • How it’s possible to achieve full control of the end-to-end process, from payment initiation to settlement and reconciliation.  
  • Best practices for optimizing the entire payment and statement process, from selecting the right tools and technologies to managing risk and compliance. 
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts on achieving greater efficiency, accuracy, and control in your FX organization.