Charting the course: A guide to payment operations risk mapping

In today’s ever-evolving financial landscape, technology now underpins process. But, with this shift, businesses must grapple with the increased threat and risk of fraud and error. Managing these risks effectively is crucial to safeguarding your organisation’s financial health and security.

In our upcoming webinar “Charting the course: A guide to payment operations risk mapping” we will deep dive into the strategies and tools needed to assess, and mitigate risks across your payment operations.  We will show you how to map risk across the intricacies of your payment-related processes with our bespoke Payments & Risk Matrix. From fraud and cybersecurity threats to compliance challenges and operational vulnerabilities, we’ll show you how to identify and address the biggest threats to your current finance operations.   Our expert panel of speakers, Chaim Haffner, Pre-Sales Consultant at AccessPay, and Security & Risk Manager, Rob Lancaster, will share their knowledge and practical insights. Join the conversation on Thursday 12th October – 11:00am, and learn more about:  
  • Identifying payment risks: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse risks that can affect your payment operations, including emerging threats in today’s digital economy. 
  • Risk mapping techniques: Learn how to effectively map your payment processes to identify potential vulnerabilities, weak points, and dependencies. 
  • Risk assessment and prioritisation: Discover methods for evaluating the severity and potential impact of identified risks to prioritise mitigation efforts. 
  • Technology and tools: Find out more about how insights into the cutting-edge technologies and tools available to enhance risk mapping and management in your payment operations. 
Build a more resilient finance team, with a secure payment process that adapts and scales with the ever-changing risk landscape. It’s time to master risk mapping across your payment operations.