Stena Line set sail for success

"I am very happy with AccessPay, the system is very easy to use, and it makes the admin side of payments much easier."

Csilla Nemeth, Finance System Controller

Stena Line is a world-leading ferry operator, with their presence reaching across the entirety of Europe. With its 21 strategically located ferry routes and 5,600 employees, Stena Line is an extremely fast-paced enterprise organisation that transported 7.6 million passengers, 2.1 million freight units and 1.7 million cars in 2018 alone.


Stena Line’s trouble on the high seas

Processing international payroll and domestic Direct Debit collections are crucial for Stena Line’s global business model due to their offices spanning Europe. However, when Stena Line’s bank chose to retire its international payments capabilities, Stena Line faced losing its global connections.

“Our previous provider went from a Swedish-base to UK-only, eliminating their European payments function.”

An alternative solution was needed ASAP to reintegrate Stena Line’s global banks and back-office systems. Without a global collection, Stena Line’s day-to-day processes would be severely disrupted, resulting in a significant loss of revenue and reputation damage.


A solution’s in sight, all aboard

“It was essential that we could make international payroll payments as we have offices and staff all across Europe.”

AccessPay’s world-leading Bank Integration Platform was mobilised as a matter of urgency, seamlessly re-enabling the integration between Stena Line’s back-office and Bacs.

“We needed a solution that was easily adaptable to the Stena Line business model and would cause minimal internal disruption.”

However, our international integration capabilities weren’t the only factor that attracted Stena Line, there was also a clear tech driver behind the partnership.

At the time of this change, Stena Line’s IT department was actively driving an enterprise-wide digital transformation project in a bid to improve their efficiency and security.

Stena Line’s internal IT team examined multiple solutions before deciding that AccessPay’s software provided the most future-proofing capabilities while also being backed with a key security focus.

Stena Line set sail with AccessPay

Switching key business components such as a bank can create a catastrophic amount of disruption and delays in any business. But with AccessPay’s integration layer, Stena Line maintained their existing banking infrastructure rather than facing a disruptive upheaval.

“I am very happy with AccessPay, the system is very easy to use, and it makes the admin side of payments much easier.”

Additionally, whether it’s processing payments or ensuring convenience, quickly and efficiently meeting customer demands is a fundamental component to any successful organisation, something the ferry operator holds in high regard.

They also boosted their customer retention by quickly and securely meeting fundamental demands while also expanding their revenue streams by providing a frictionless collections process. Whether it’s sailing across the world, or optimising business processes, connectivity is at the heart of Stena Line.


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