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“Moving to AccessPay was one of the smoothest implementations we’ve ever experienced. All that was required from our end was sending the file – two weeks later we were moved over.”

Liz Smith, Business Systems Analyst

Liz Smith was facing a challenge that might sound familiar. She’s been a Business Systems Analyst for almost four years, working for the leading infrastructure services company FM Conway. Her previous Bacs provider was imposing an upgrade upon her and her team, complete with a significant price increase that couldn’t be afforded – or justified.

She started looking for alternative solutions through other, more disruptive Fintechs, and found AccessPay.

After securing internal buy-in from FM Conway’s IT and Business Systems teams, she made the switch – and hasn’t looked back since.


FM Conway and Construction

FM Conway works in transportation, the built environment, and the public realm to help both communities and businesses thrive. A family-run business for 60 years, FM Conway has both a storied history and a continuing desire for evolution and progress.

To the uninitiated, a construction company may seem unlikely to turn to a Fintech for help; like any other business, however, FM Conway has banking operations and payroll to handle. Not only this, but the ubiquity of the challenges associated: time-wasting manual processes, the prevalence of human error in non-automated workflows, and an excess of patchwork solutions such as spreadsheets.

In fact, AccessPay is working with increasing amounts of businesses from the construction sector – a fact elaborated on by Matthew O’Brien, AccessPay’s Inside Sales Representative for the construction and manufacturing industries.

“Throughout 2021, AccessPay provided a helping hand in the construction industry by partnering with numerous businesses and further bolstering our understanding of the challenges the sector
faces”, he comments.

“Post-pandemic, we’ve seen increasing amounts of key figures in the construction industry beginning to embark on finance transformation projects – something we’re positioned to help with.”


Ease of Switch for FM Conway

Software implementation inevitably comes with its challenges – or at least that’s what Liz thought.

“Moving to AccessPay was one of the smoothest implementations we’ve ever experienced”, she notes. “I’d expected the usual teething issues that come with onboarding, but they were non-existent. All that was required from our end was sending the file – two weeks later we were moved over.”

This is a sentiment echoed by Matthew: “FM Conway have benefited from seamlessly transitioning to AccessPay’s solution – we took their file and simply used our engine to transform it into a bank and Bacs ready file. No IT resources were required on their end.”

“Setup from start to finish took only around 4 weeks and that speed is one of the reasons companies continue to choose AccessPay as their payments provider.”


Ongoing Customer Support

Here at AccessPay, we pride ourselves on the support we offer both during and post-implementation. In fact, it’s one of our three core pillars.

No matter how intuitive a solution, there will require a small period of internal adjustment. When FM Conway required a reminder about the platform’s ins-and-outs, they were impressed by
AccessPay’s service team.

While they only had to contact our support team on a couple of occasions – owing to the simplicity of the implementation – those with larger, more complex banking needs are offered implementation resources: a project manager and an implementation consultant.

The former engages with the given business on a regular basis, communicating progress and ensuring that your needs are met. The implementation consultant on the other hand engages with the associated technical aspects in more depth, configuring the services and tethering your IT teams with your banks.

Not only this, but our customer service team are on hand ready to help any time you have a query either by phone or email.


Out of Your Hands and Into Ours

Another benefit cited by Liz and her team at FM Conway is that responsibility lies entirely with AccessPay. When things change, they don’t have to worry about it. IT teams aren’t required to closely monitor the software, nor is there time-consuming in-house management required.

AccessPay are dedicated to saving your team time and effort that would otherwise be wasted on manual processes. Put simply, it’s a hands-off, pain-free experience.


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