Helping BACS-Approved Bureaux Automate Client Payments

Increase Your Margins

Send client payments without the worry of extra transaction fees, upgrade costs or steep price hikes when you acquire more customers

Integrate Any System

AccessPay’s Bureau solution seamlessly integrates with any accounting, payroll or ERP solution and can process any type of payment file format

Keep Client Data Safe

Benefit from an RTI compliant, BACS-Approved solution that comes with a range of bank-grade access controls, data masking and security tools

Automate BACS Submissions

Your days of manually processing payment files are over. The AccessPay platform delivers straight through processing of pre-approved files, freeing up hours of time to focus on other tasks.




Prevent fraud and error, take control

We have a range of bank-grade security tools available to help keep your client data and payment files safe when submitting through BACS, including:

  • Data masking
  • PGP encryption
  • Advanced auditing capabilities
  • Multi-factor authentication, powered by Duo
  • Rules-based AI automatically detects suspicious transactions
  • Custom approval workflows and strict user controls

“The AccessPay system works really well for the team here at Argyll and Bute. The way that the system handles security and access is very good. We use it to manage payments and submit files every day, sometimes twice a day.”

Ken Wong, Revenues System Administrator at Argyll & Bute Council

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Frequently asked questions

How does pricing work?

At AccessPay, we’ll never charge per transaction. Instead we offer a flexible annual subscription model which means you’re not penalised for growth.

Pricing is calculated based on 3 factors:

  • Transaction bandings
  • The number of banks you want to connect to
  • The payment schemes and messaging networks you want to connnect to

How quickly can I get up & running?

From purchase to implementation, onboarding with AccessPay for Direct Debit collections takes days.

Once you’re connected, the team will guide you through the process of building out intuitive payment workflows and managing users on the system. Once that’s done, you’re good to go!

Is AccessPay a secure solution?

Yes, we’re a BACS-approved, FCA registered vendor and we carry out regular security testing with 3rd party vendors.

We’ve also made a bunch of bank-grade security tools available to our client-base to give you greater peace of mind over your financial data:

• PGP encryption
• Multi-factor authentication
• sFTP upload
• Data masking tools
• Robust, customisable approval workflows
• User profile management
• Fraud/Error detection tools

Is it a cloud based solution?

Yes, the AccessPay platform is 100% cloud based. You don’t need to install anything and will receive free platform upgrades and fixes as soon as you become a customer.

All you’ll need is an internet connection to get started

What do I need to get up and running?

All you need to get started is sponsorship from your bank, otherwise known as a Service User Number. If you’re unsure what this is, have a read our our Bacs SUN Guide and arrange to speak to your bank about acquiring one.

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