Connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 to AccessPay

How Does It Work?


Our technology is powered by a file agnostic transformation engine, which automatically sends data to and from your bank in the correct format without any changes required to Dynamics 365 or its output files. Connectivity to Dynamics is achieved via a choice of SFTP or API connection.



Why use AccessPay with Dynamics 365?


AccessPay unlocks the true value of Dynamics 365 within your finance function. We provide end-to-end bank connectivity that futureproofs your payments and cash management processes. Bringing new levels of efficiency and control to your finance function by automating the delivery of financial messages between Dynamics 365 and your banking partners.

Dynamics implementations & upgrades

Factoring bank connectivity in to your Dynamics upgrade is key to creating successful workflows across your finance function. From processing payments, to receiving data back from your banking partners to aide onward reporting within your Dynamics set up.

Supporting efficiency through digitisation

Dynamics can do just about everything except talk to the banks. If you’re looking to invest in automation and digitization to reduce costs – or refocus resource on delivering value-add initiatives; solving the issue of bank connectivity is one of the most effective solutions you can implement to achieve this.

Aiding security & compliance requirements

AccessPay connects to Dynamics to aide operational resilience initiatives. By cutting out manual processes, guaranteeing internal control mechanisms and supporting the auditability of your transactions – Dynamics users can benefit from a truly secure finance function.

Global charity uses AccessPay alongside Dynamics 365 to collect over 1 million donations annually via Bacs


A global charity swapped their on-premise payments software with AccessPay’s cloud-based solution to create a more cost-effective and secure collections process, which is able to connect to Dynamics without the need for ongoing maintenance from their IT team.

"We have a large Direct Debit income run three times a month. Without AccessPay that wouldn’t exist for us."

Working with a Trusted Partner

We’ve done this before. We have extensive experience in connecting Microsoft Dynamics 365 users to their banking partners and manage the bank connectivity piece, so you don’t have to. Taking on this kind of project in-house takes up months of dedicated resource

Working with a specialist partner likes AccessPay alleviates the time, cost and complexity of facilitating connectivity between Dynamics 365 and your banks, delivering speed-to-value, as well as dedicated knowledge and resource required to make your bank connectivity project a success.

If you’re ready to get connected, please fill out the form. For more information, check out the fact sheet below.