Trender för företagsbankverksamhet 2022: Vad du behöver veta

We live in a changing world, and corporate banking operations aren’t exempt from it.

We’re going to talk you through 2022’s corporate banking operations trends you need to know about; addressing
opportunities, challenges, and solutions.

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Throughout the past two years, the chances are your workflow has changed drastically: your business’s ambitions
have been significantly more conservative, your finance and treasury teams have been geographically scattered,
and your understanding of the financial landscape has been muddied and confused.

Thankfully, 2022 is likely to resemble somewhat of a return to normality.

As the world of business opens back up – at least to some degree – financial leaders are scrambling to ascertain
the future of their corporate banking operations. Not only this, but regardless of external circumstances, there are
a number of key industry changes that have either already arrived or are on the horizon.