A Ameaça de Dentro - Está ficando mais fácil cometer fraude interna, e eles sabem disso!

Saiba como melhorar a segurança e reduzir o risco de fraude quando se trata de pagamentos comerciais.

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Despite UK businesses doubling their security budgets, many companies are still in the dark as to how fraudsters are circumventing preventative measures to commit internal fraud.

This live webinar recording summarises some of the current challenges and outline some simple and effective best practice measures for you to consider.

Who should watch this webinar?

  • Growing businesses who require a secure payments solution,
  • Organisations looking for an alternative to on-premise payments software,
  • Individuals responsible for administering and upgrading their payments software (inc: software end-of-life),
  • Key decision makers responsible for strategic infrastructure planning and business continuity planning,
  • IT personnel responsible for security and compliance of financial systems.