An Early Adopters Guide to Cash Analytics Tools

For treasury and finance professionals who are ready for digital transformation – Should you modernise your systems with an Automated Cash Analytics Tool?

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Due to stringent record-keeping requirements, as well as cash and liquidity management duties, treasury and finance professionals have always had one eye on data. However, following the financial crisis their dependence on data has amplified as roles and responsibilities have evolved.

In addition to traditional treasury and finance activities, CFOs, Finance Directors and Corporate Treasurers are now expected to take greater responsibility for financial and risk management, as well as playing a more strategic role in corporate governance.

Senior leaders and boards of directors across the world are becoming wary of the use of cash on their companies’ balance sheets. Coupled with an increasingly volatile FX market and an uncertain macroeconomic environment, treasury and finance professionals are being asked to play a more strategic role.

To remain competitive and to ensure that they are making smart and guided decisions, access to data in a timely manner is critical – this is where Automated Cash Analytics Tools comes into its own.

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