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Risk & Regulation Manager


We are looking for a collaborative and enthusiastic Individual to join the organisation and work with key stakeholders across the business. You will have an understanding of legislation such as PSR, PSD2, PERG 15, SWIFT, BACS, GDPR as well as other regulations to support the team.

The staff member will be responsible for translating complex legislation Into product and user requirements to support a risk based approach to design and deployment ensuring solutions are compliant with applicable technical standards and legislation. They will work collaboratively with Product, Marketing and Customer Success to support the product roadmap and answer questions from internal and external stakeholders.

As part of the role the staff member will need to keep up to date with applicable legislation and regulations and be able to provide advice and training to Internal teams as well as create documentation to support governance activities. 

Experience In all areas of the legislation would be a benefit but Is not a requirement. The right candidate will above all else be able to work with stakeholders,  Improve processes and support operational goals with the understanding that decisions can Impact not only our reputation but also our customers. 

An ability to handle multiple workstreams will be required to ensure day to day operational duties do not substantially Impact long-term objectives. 

Duties & Responsibilities:

• Create and maintain a legal register detailing all In scope legislation and certification.
• Review register and create list of requirements that Impacts the business.  
• Create policy documents to meet tech standards  for items such as PCI, FCA, SWIFT or OB.
• Work with stakeholders across the business describing how legislation Impacts development.
• Attend Product meetings ensuring design and development Is compliant.
• Maintain knowledge of regulation, conducting research and attending forums. 
• Highlight any risks and offer solutions whilst ensuring they are recorded and remediated. 
• Create documentation to be used by customers during audits of AccessPay.

Required Experience:

  • Experience In all areas of the legislation would be a benefit 
  • Knowledge of PSI, PSD2, FCA, SWIFT, BACS, and GDPR is highly desirable.

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