Automating Saga's Direct Debit collections process

"From enquiry to implementation, migrating over to AccessPay was a seamless process thanks to the level of service we received."

Ryan Corbett, Management Accountant

Automating Direct Debit Collections for Saga Healthcare

Saga Healthcare is a portfolio of businesses providing private care at home services to help the elderly stay independent; who receive around 1000 Direct Debit payments a month from their customers.

Weighing up costs and benefits

Saga decided to cut ties with their incumbent payments provider after several, year-on-year price increases, coupled with a lack of visibility and control over cash flow; the team ultimately felt the costs outweighed the service they were receiving.

“The costings that our original provider put in front of us seemed like a huge jump, and we couldn’t really justify the costing for it.” Ryan Corbett, Management Accountant

Naturally, they were looking to find a solution that could tackle both challenges – they wanted reliable Bacs connectivity that was not only more cost-effective, but more scalable with the tools they needed to gain more control over their cash.

They required an integrated solution that was both reliable and simple to use; one that would enable their staff to process all payments as efficiently and securely as possible, which is why they came to AccessPay.

“AccessPay were able to offer a quick solution for exactly what we needed. It was reassuring to see that they work with some large companies that have been through a successful implementation process.” Ryan Corbett, Management Accountant

Consistency is key

Saga were convinced by AccessPay’s pricing model. A flat, annual subscription and a commitment to free, continuous upgrades meant that through any period of client growth, Saga Healthcare’s cost base remained predictable. Which made it easier to scale up the number of customers paying via Direct Debit.

“We have plans to grow and expand this area of the business, but we wanted to do so without having a significant rise in our payments. So, we ventured into the market to find an alternative software provider.

The team at AccessPay were very clear about exactly what fees would be charged, nothing was hidden. I quite liked that.” Ryan Corbett, Management Accountant

Seamless onboarding

To avoid any reputational risk during the switch-over period, the implementation process needed to be seamless; with minimal disruption and very little downtime to their payment services.

AccessPay delivered exactly that; getting Saga up and running with an integrated corporate payments platform within just 5 days.

“We found the AccessPay staff extremely knowledgeable and clearly up-to-date with what is going on in the industry. AccessPay were able to explain everything that I needed to know, in terminology that was easy to understand. I also found that using the online portal for training was also easy and very useful.” Ryan Corbett, Management Accountant

Security at the top of the agenda

As a provider of healthcare products and insurance, Saga have always operated within a highly stringent payments protocol; so, they had to guarantee a secure, robust process for their Direct Debit collections.

They took advantage of all of AccessPay’s additional bank-grade security features; including PGP encryption, sFTP file transfer, 2-factor authentication and seamless approval workflows to mitigate the risk of fraud or human error. All for less than what they were paying their previous supplier.

“AccessPay is a holistic solution; a one-stop-shop. It’s easy to use and presents us with the opportunity to upscale and tap into more tools as we grow” Ryan Corbett, Management Accountant

Now, Saga can process substantial amounts of monthly direct debits with AccessPay. This has enabled them to speed up customer on-boarding and switch their customer base over to their preferred payment method; Direct Debit.