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Insurance companies need quick turnaround times for their customer claims and payments to match their wider offering, plus, there’s always a need for better security of their money, especially when dealing with such large amounts of cash daily. 

But, with out-of-date on-premise solutions and the typical ‘3-day turn-around for most bacs’ payments; the only answer for finance and treasury managers is to embrace cloud-based solutions that can automate and speed up these processes.

Of course, this solution has to be commercially viable too; they need a scalable solution that won’t sting them with hefty bills when transactions reach a certain threshold.   

The need to embrace new technology that can scale with you and your customers has never been more necessary.

You Need a Cost-effective, Cloud-based Alternative

Finance Transformation is a hot topic for many businesses, and with most on-premise solutions reaching end of life, companies are expected to fork out thousands in cloud upgrade fees.  

AccessPay offers one solution for any type of payment, allowing you to automate the collection of monthly premiums and differentiate with same-day insurance pay-outs.   

Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge per transaction either. We offer one flat annual subscription and there will be no end of life surprises so you know your processes are futureproofed, and able to scale with business growth.

Your Current Processes are Manual and Inefficient

Most businesses are still using spreadsheets, card readers and banking portal logins which are disparate and not without risk. These non-automated processes are vulnerable to risk and always open to human error.

A misplaced decimal point here or an extra zero there is all it takes to put a splinter in your claims payments or internal banking operations. It’s also time-consuming, meaning your customers and suppliers are often left waiting days for money that is rightfully theirs.

We’re fully automated meaning you can wave goodbye to spreadsheets and faster and international payments can be made almost instantly.

Risk and Operational Resilience are Top of the Agenda

Automating your claims pay-outs, refunds or just general office payments is healthier for regulation and more easily auditable, which is particularly beneficial when your banking operations aren’t just about your own payments.

The risk isn’t simply your own; and it’s your reputation on the line, it’s a big tick for compliance with the FCA too; our solution removes the associate risk that comes with manual intervention, meaning better compliance, and of course, improved security of yours and your customer’s cash.

You Need Better Visibility of Your Full Cash Position

Real-time cash visibility tools mean you can keep track of payables and receivables as well as automate the downloads of your bacs reports, meaning you can see your true cash position across all your different bank accounts, giving you true cash visibility.

Chat med vores forsikringsekspert Fionn Wilde

Fionn har brugt sin tid hos AccessPay på at have kontakt med forsikringsselskaber i forskellige former og størrelser og har udviklet en afgørende forståelse af sektorens problemer og ønsker.

Hvis du er finans- eller likviditetsekspert og ønsker at modernisere dine bankaktiviteter, er der ingen mere sikre hænder.

Hvorfor AccessPay?

I betragtning af sektorens hurtige forandringer har det aldrig været mere vigtigt at modernisere dine bankforretninger. Heldigvis er AccessPay her for at hjælpe.

Vi bringer orden i dine finans- og likviditetsfunktioner og fungerer som limen mellem dine banker og ERP-systemer. Med en fuldautomatisk, cloud-baseret løsning kan du vinke farvel til de irriterende regneark og trættende manuelle processer for altid.

Ikke alene dette, men vores Cash Management-løsning giver også total gennemsigtighed i din virksomheds midler, idet den samler dine saldi fra hele verden. Med AccessPay kan du se din globale kontantbeholdning, genvinde kontrol af dine bankaktiviteter gennem risikobegrænsning, og optimere dine udgifter med adgangen til mere omfattende data.

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